Twins Eyeing Garza, Arroyo, Colon, Pelfrey

The Twins' list of pitching targets currently consists of Matt Garza, Bronson Arroyo, Bartolo Colon and Mike Pelfrey, reports Jon Heyman of CBS Sports (on Twitter).

Minnesota has been uncharacteristically aggressive on the free agent market, already landing Ricky Nolasco (four years, $49MM) and Phil Hughes (three years, $24MM) to shore up a rotation that posted an MLB-worst 5.26 ERA and 4.9 K/9 in 2013. Previous reports have indicated that despite being shipped off by the Twins years ago in a trade for Delmon Young, Garza would be open to returning to the team that drafted him.

The Twins' interest in Arroyo has been ongoing, and they're currently in the mix for the veteran innings eater along with the Reds and Mets. The Pirates are said to have dropped out of the Arroyo market, but the Reds could be preparing an offer. We've also heard of their interest in a reunion with Pelfrey a number of times, and they've reportedly extended an offer in the two-year, $10MM range that Pelfrey and agent Scott Boras have declined.

Minnesota's connection to Colon is new and would seem to be a dificult fit, as the aging Colon likely would prefer to sign with a team that's more likely to contend in 2013. However, the Twins could try to sell Colon on the fact that his addition would give them a fairly competitive rotation, or they could guarantee Colon a second year if other teams are reluctant to do so.

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  1. BaMafromLa 2 years ago

    Mike Pelfrey DECLINED a two-year $10 million offer??? After how he pitched last year?? Just wow.

    • Sam 2 years ago

      You’re really surprised by that? Look at his agent. Borrrrraaaaas,

      • BaMafromLa 2 years ago

        I know, but you gotta figure there’s a limit (yes, even for Boras) to how much you try to get for a guy coming off a ERA in the 5’s.

        • Sam 2 years ago

          Era is not the only measure of pitching effectiveness. He’s also another year removed from tommy john surgery so he could actually be a nice value believe it or not.

    • Slappy McGee 2 years ago

      Wouldn’t you hold out hope of playing somewhere, anywhere other than Minnesota, if you had already been sentenced to one year there?

      • twins33 2 years ago

        Word is, he’s desperate to return. Loves MN. He was hoping to sign with the Twins in 2013 and did. Think there might be some kind of family connection (wife’s or something) somehow too, but I could be wrong.

        Not too desperate obviously, because he should have just accepted the 2/10 which is his worth….but that’s been the word for weeks/months now.

      • Sam 2 years ago

        Minnesota is a great place to play with a truly incredible loyal fan base that sell out almost every home game.

        • twins33 2 years ago

          Not really accurate anymore. They averaged 30K last year, with a very bad team, that’s still really good. Even if it is a newish ballpark.

          But there were games in August/Sept where it didn’t even look like there were 15K at the ballpark. It’s counted as higher because it’s always “paid” attendance instead of who is actually in the ballpark.

          Still, it shouldn’t be considered “fly-over country” as it is. It is a great place to play, but it will always be hard to compete with some East teams and any CA team because it’s CA.

          • Sam 2 years ago

            For a small market team they draw VERY well. The fall off had to do with the product. I fully expect the product to improve on the field and believe me the fans will show up in droves. They have a really good thing going up there in Minnesota.

          • twins33 2 years ago

            The problem is, they’re not a small market team. They are in a mid-market area. They have always been a mid-market team, but they spent like a small market team. That was due to the Dome and the owner/GM not wanting to spend money. Don’t let the small market stuff fool you. The Twin Cities is mid-market and has been for a long time.

            As of 2009, the Twin cities population was 15/16 in market size in MLB. That’s a mid-market team. Brewers, Royals, Reds, Pirates, Rockies…those are small market teams.

            The Twins will improve for sure, it would take a lot of bad luck to not, but usually it takes awhile for fans to come back. Maybe the rotation signings change that, but it’s usually at least months of winning before people get on board.

  2. twins33 2 years ago

    I still like the idea of adding Garza. I’d rather have the Twins clog up the rotation with him rather than with Arroyo. The price is the issue. If you could get Garza at 4/60, I think the Twins should do it. Guessing his asking price might be more in dollars though. I don’t think I’d want him at 4/65 or more.

    Definitely don’t want Arroyo anywhere near 3/36. Don’t want Pelfrey at all either, but 2/10 was more than fair enough. Colon scares me.

    • Sam 2 years ago

      4/60 seems really high to me. I like arroyo. Take a deeper look into his peripheral stats and he’s more valuable than people think. Nolasco is the same, he was a great sign.

      • twins33 2 years ago

        My posts keep disappearing (not in a “going to a moderator way) so sorry if you see this twice.

        4/60 seems market rate for Garza, at least to me. Any higher seems like an overpay to me. I’m guessing if he does sign this early, it’ll definitely be more in dollars. I would be surprised otherwise.
        I like Arroyo, but I don’t like his age. I don’t like a three year deal. I don’t like over 10 million per. I’ve looked at his numbers. I don’t think he’s worth over 20 million more than Correia. He is worth more. I’d say 1/8 or 2/16 is completely reasonable for him. Anything more, to me, is an overpay.

        Comparing Garza to Arroyo, the only thing Arroyo provides you that Garza doesn’t is innings. Garza gives you 150, Arroyo gives you 200. That does have value, but still…I think 3/36 is a huge overpay on Arroyo given his age/switching leagues.

        I’d take Garza at 4/60 over Arroyo at 3/36 in a heartbeat. Near the end of Garza’s contract you can likely trade him. Unless Arroyo keeps up his superhuman ability you’re stuck with him.

        • Harley Schultz 2 years ago

          Id rather have a much younger, Garza. If it is a four year deal he’ll still be around when Meyer, Sano, Buxton, etal are up in the MLB

  3. Harley Schultz 2 years ago

    id rather have any one on that list then Pelfrey so thank goodness he declined his offer

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