Nyjer Morgan Close To Deal With MLB Team

Nyjer Morgan is close to a contract with an unknown Major League team, ESPN's Jerry Crasnick reports (Twitter link).  Morgan recently switched agents and was exploring a return to the Majors, as Crasnick reported last week that six-to-eight teams had expressed interest in the outfielder.  Morgan is represented by Jonathan Maurer of Team One and Millennium Sports.

The 33-year-old Morgan hit .294/.361/.434 with 11 homers in 424 PA with the Yokohama Bay Stars in 2013 and had also been fielding offers for another season in Japan.  Perhaps best known for his "Tony Plush" alter ego and his role in helping the Brewers to the 2011 NL Central title, Morgan struggled in 2012 and was subsequently outrighted off MIlwaukee's 40-man roster following the season.

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  1. WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 2 years ago

    I hope its a minor league deal, Morgan has a big personality which his production doesn’t match.

    • High energy catalyst on winning teams; clubhouse cancer on losing teams. Depends on the situation he is put in, since his eccentric attitude can easily rub people the wrong way.

      Production wise, he’s pretty much alternated between above average and below average every year of his career with his relatively strong defense propping up his value as well. Lets his emotions affect his gameplay.

      Keep him happy, and he’s a pretty good player.

      • WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 2 years ago

        Problem is when he’s not happy he gives up inside the park HR’s.

        • Sage 2 years ago

          Pretty much, yeah. But if you put him on a winning team with a laid-back clubhouse that can deal with “Tony Plush,” then you’ve got yourself a nice outfielder. We can probably guess what kind of season he’s going to have by what team he signs with. Unless, by some miracle, Nippon Professional Baseball and its rather more disciplined attitude beat that personality out of him, so to speak. Who knows. It’ll be interesting to see.

  2. Greg 2 years ago

    Any chance it is the Giants? He’s from San Francisco.

  3. Josh Moody 2 years ago

    Redsox on a minor league deal. Watch.

    • johnsilver 2 years ago

      Why? Podsednik brings the same skill set, more speed and without the negative baggage.

      • Josh Moody 2 years ago

        Posednik is strictly a contact hitter with speed. No power at all. Maybe not Morgan but they will sign someone who is capable of playing CF everyday for a short period of time. Preferably someone very good defensively with speed.

    • Michael 2 years ago

      Cherington won’t go near this train wreck. It would essentially defeat what he’s been working at.

    • James F 2 years ago

      He’s not right handed, so no.

  4. Cobby_Box 2 years ago

    I don’t think helping the Brewers to the NL Central title is what most people know him for…

  5. Ruben_Tomorrow 2 years ago

    He gave Adam Jones one of the most entertaining home runs I have ever seen. That’s what he is best known for.

    • FS54 2 years ago

      besides the Miami melee, hitting Cardinals catcher, and another fan altercation.

  6. ShaneRedsFan 2 years ago

    Even though they said the Reds ain’t interested it wouldn’t surprise me but I doubt it happens.

  7. Sung Woo Chung 2 years ago

    His personality doesn’t fit with the Red Sox even if it is a minor league deal. And If Sox were to sign a platoon OF, it’s likely a right handed batter.

    • StevePegues 2 years ago

      In all seriousness: the Red Sox have a personality type they favor now?

  8. North 2 years ago

    He’d be a great Clark the Cub.

    • schaddy24 2 years ago

      I don’t think anyone wants a mascot throwing chewing tobacco at kids.

  9. John Kreese 2 years ago

    Feels like a signing the Mariners would do. They do need help in CF.

    • Jonathan Barlock 2 years ago

      I think its Mariners too. Cant count on Guti and Hart/Morrison arent good options either

    • Matt Galvin 2 years ago

      So do Reds and Red Sox.

      • Tko11 2 years ago

        JBJ and Victorino can both play CF. Only way would be if its a minor league deal.

  10. Christopher A. Otto 2 years ago

    Amaro is seeking LH-hitting fourth outfielder who can play CF. Hopefully Morgan is too pricey for Phillies.

  11. Zoe 2 years ago


    • indybucfan 2 years ago

      God no, I’d rather resign Zach Duke and start him opening day!

  12. mikefichera 2 years ago

    The Mets could use him but I sense they would shy away from signing him.

  13. HaloHero 2 years ago

    My 9 year old is more mature in the clubhouse than this guy.

  14. Damon Bowman 2 years ago

    Please! Don’t let this be Dan Duquette’s big signing for the O’s this winter.

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