AL East Links: A-Rod, Jeter, Drew, Morales, Orioles

Perhaps the most intriguing “what if?” scenario in recent baseball history is what if Alex Rodriguez had joined the Red Sox (rather than the Yankees) prior to the 2004 season.  The Deal, the latest episode of ESPN’s “30 For 30 Shorts” series, explores the near-trade that would’ve sent Rodriguez, Magglio Ordonez and Brandon McCarthy from the Rangers to the Red Sox in exchange for Manny Ramirez, Nomar Garciaparra and Jon Lester.  A-Rod even agreed to restructure his contract and take less money to make the deal work, though this was what eventually scuttled the trade, as the MLBPA wouldn’t allow the agreement due to the provisions of the collective bargaining agreement.  Only a few weeks later, Texas instead traded Rodriguez to the Yankees and the rest is history.

Here’s the latest in a very newsworthy day from around the AL East…

  • Derek Jeter‘s impending retirement underscores the Yankees‘ lack of shortstop depth,’s Bryan Hoch writes, as it seems that Jeter’s eventual replacement isn’t currently on New York’s roster.  The Yankees could sign one of the quality shortstops available in next winter’s free agent class, Hoch notes, or Stephen Drew exists as a current option that could be signed to play second or third for a year and then take over at short in 2015.
  • Scott Boras, Drew’s agent, has recently been looking to get his client an opt-out clause after the first year of a new deal.  While some see Boras’ demands as a longshot, Fangraphs’ Mike Petriello notes that the opt-out could fit into the Yankees‘ plans, making Drew an even more obvious upgrade for the club’s infield.
  • The Red Sox haven’t offered Drew a contract for longer than one year, John Tomase of the Boston Herald reports (via Twitter).  Drew would like at least a one-year contract and an option, a source tells Tomase.
  • The Orioles continue to be in contact with Kendrys Morales‘ representatives and are still interested in the free agent slugger, Eduardo A. Encina of the Baltimore Sun tweets.
  • It seems as if the Orioles prefer Ervin Santana to Ubaldo Jimenez, Dan Connolly of the Baltimore Sun writes, as he has heard more tying the O’s to the former free agent hurler than he has the latter.  “I know the Orioles have talked to his people, but I didn’t get a sense that he was atop their list,” Connolly says.  There were whispers earlier this week that the O’s were upping their pursuit of Santana or Jimenez.  In the same piece, Connolly answers a number of Orioles-related questions from fans on Twitter.

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  1. Nathan Gursky 1 year ago

    Mags was never a member of the Rangers. Who would it have actually been?

    • Wrecky1 1 year ago

      White Sox had a trade pending with the Red Sox contingent upon the Arod trade.

      • Nathan Gursky 1 year ago

        Seriously? So the sox would have gotten both Ordonez and Rodriguez in their primes? That’d be a scary lineup

        • Dynasty22 1 year ago

          While giving up Nomar and Manny.

          • Denny Doyle 1 year ago

            So what your saying is not much.

          • pft2 1 year ago

            Nomar got them Cabrera in 2004 and Manny was a key in the 2004 and 2007 championships, not to mention Lester

          • Denny Doyle 1 year ago

            Check Ordonez and ARods numbers in 07. They would’ve been better. So the question is, “could they have won another WS during their time here on top of ’07?”. I say good chance they would’ve. It would be a wash, but for losing Lester for all those years definitely would hurt. Red Sox win out, but I think only by small margin.

          • jjs91 1 year ago

            And Arod’s numbers would be a lot better in fenway. It really wouldn’t affect 2004, i’m not sure if they afford lowell with arod on the roster. But then you’re looking at papi, maggs, arod and hanley Ramirez on one team.

          • pft2 1 year ago

            Don’t forget Lester

        • JacobyWanKenobi 1 year ago

          It would have, and who knows A-Rod may not have been terrible in the playoffs for Boston like he was for the majority of his time with NY, or he may have been just as bad. Either way, they wouldn’t have had Manny, who is one of the most clutch players ever.

          • Denny Doyle 1 year ago

            He would’ve been “terrible” or “just as bad”? Those are some tough options. He couldn’t have been good at all?

          • JacobyWanKenobi 1 year ago

            I said may not…

          • Denny Doyle 1 year ago

            You corrected it you mean. Figured it was typo.

    • JacobyWanKenobi 1 year ago

      Red Sox would essentially trade Manny Ramirez, Nomar Garciaparra and a Jon Lester and get in return A-Rod, White Sox outfielder Magglio
      Ordonez and pitcher Brandon McCarthy.

      Three team trade originally.

      • brian310 1 year ago

        McCarthy had to have been coming from the White Sox too as he was traded to the Rangers for Danks before the 07 season. I believe the ChiSox were getting Nomar

  2. Randy Jay Pena 1 year ago

    Glad the trade didn’t go thru and I’m glad the Sox kept lester really hope he signs an extension tho.

  3. Leonard Washington 1 year ago

    Bullet dodged!

  4. Lefty_Orioles_Fan
    Lefty_Orioles_Fan 1 year ago

    I wish I knew why the O’s prefer Santana? I mean it makes no sense. Peter Angelos nixed a trade a bunch of years ago Tejada to the Angels and we would have gotten Santana. Has Peter changed his mind? There’s a lot of fans who want Jimenez.
    Then again, what do I knows! Although, I have to say, I haven’t the foggiest notion why the O’s want Morales at any price, he is NOT worth a draft pick.

    • snowbladerp14 1 year ago

      both santana and jimenez have flaws but are worth giving up a pick and rolling the dice on imo. No way is Morales.

      • Agree an Morales. I could go either way on the pitchers. The need is there but so is the risk and cost. Look at me acting as if there’s a chance of any of it happening. For the O’s I mean.

      • pft2 1 year ago

        Not every team has to give up a 1st round pick for him and if the Orioles sign Jiminez or Santana they would only lose a 2nd round pick if they signed Morales.

        • snowbladerp14 1 year ago

          Only if you sign Jiminez or Santana does morales cost a 2nd round pick and i still dont know if he is worth a 2nd round pick that would kill your draft

  5. pft2 1 year ago

    What quality SS next year? Hardy and Hanley are in extension talks. Lowrie is not a quality SS. Maybe Cabrera.

    Also, it seems Jeter not feeling great if he is retiring, they may need a SS this year. They should sign Drew and if they want to pursue something better next year they can trade him

    • Lefty_Orioles_Fan
      Lefty_Orioles_Fan 1 year ago

      It’s strange, if the Orioles ever decide to use their 1st round draft choice to sign a pitcher. I wonder since apparently our second basemen leave a lot to be desired. Would the Orioles consider signing Drew and make him their starting second baseman. Why this idea appeals to me is beyond me, but I wonder if it would be a good idea. It’s certainly worth discussing. Plus, it would keep Drew away from other AL East teams such as the Yankees.

      • It would not be a good idea. Flaherty deserves a chance. Great and versatile defender and could be a decent hitter given a chance. .270+ after June 1st last year and has power. Plus Schoop is in the pipeline

        • Lefty_Orioles_Fan
          Lefty_Orioles_Fan 1 year ago

          A Rule 5 guy getting in the way?
          Plus, Schoop has to stay healthy.
          I didn’t think I would consider a Boras player, but it is worth considering! Provided Drew isn’t the first player the O’s sign.

    • David Kowalski 1 year ago

      I think Jed Lowrie is a quality shortstop offensively. Oakland is a poor hitter’s park and Lowrie had a good season there in 2013. Lowrie can also play second base, another Yankee weak spot for 2015. As for Drew, the Yankees should offer him two years with a relatively cheap club option for a third. He could play third base this year and shortstop in 2015.

      Jeter is 40. Maybe he wants to retire on top instead of trying to squeeze out as many years as possible. Mike Schmidt retired in May when his batting stats were not up to his standards. So retirement by a star infielder who wants to go out at or near the top is reasonable, or at least precedented.

  6. pft2 1 year ago

    That trade would have been a disaster. Red Sox have been fortunate the MLBPA, Yankees and Dodgers have saved them from themselves. MLBPA with Arod, Yankees with Hernandez and Tex, and Dodgers taking Agon, Crawford and Beckett.

    Yankees dropped the ball on Daisuke though. They did not outbid the Red Sox and look what happened.

    • Denny Doyle 1 year ago

      Distaster? It would’ve been about close to a wash. Lester being the biggest loss.

  7. Michael Kenny Jr. 1 year ago

    I wonder if the Yankees would be interested in Alexei Ramirez a year from now.

    • ultimate913 1 year ago

      No thanks.

      Would rather they sign Diaz(AAA) and Drew.

  8. Jim McGrath 1 year ago

    The Yankees should sign Drew and move Jete to third for the final season. I’m a Sox fan and hope this doesn’t happen. It appears the Sox are rolling the dice and going with Xander at SS and Middlebrooks @3 B. I actually wouldn’t mind a Middlebrooks
    for Lowrie and move Xander to 3 B.
    This might be a good time for the Sox to move Lester to the Mariners for Iwakuma before they have to deal with a new contract for Lester.

  9. Damon Bowman 1 year ago

    If the Yankees do not sign Stephen Drew as the eventual replacement for Jeter, I can’t wait to see what they come up with for 2015. Nobody can look at me with a straight face and tell me that Eduardo Nunez will do the job. They’ve got little to trade in the Yankee farm system, so this could get interesting moving forward.

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