Latest On Royals’ Search For Outfielder

The Royals are in the market for a right-handed hitting bat to play right field, but ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick reports that the team isn’t in on Boston’s Jonny Gomes or Minnesota’s Josh Willingham (Twitter links). Additionally, Crasnick tweets that he isn’t sure the Royals view Chris Denorfia and Justin Ruggiano as upgrades over Justin Maxwell, who is hitting well in Triple-A.

The Royals don’t feel that Gomes is capable of handling right field, and the same applies to Willingham as well. (As Crasnick notes, Willingham’s July swoon hasn’t helped his value.) Crasnick hears from one AL executive that the Twins would very much like to move Willingham, but they’re simply not getting much interest at this time.

Gomes, Willingham, and Denorfia are all free agents at season’s end, while Ruggiano would remain under team control via arbitration. The Royals were said at one point to have interest in Marlon Byrd, but a report yesterday indicated that they were backing off both Byrd and Alex Rios. The Royals are on Byrd’s limited no-trade clause, and he’d reportedly like the Royals to guarantee his $8MM option for 2016 in order to waive that clause.

If you’re wondering who else could be available, MLBTR’s Charlie Wilmoth recently took a look at the trade market for corner outfielders.

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  1. truroyal15
    Chad Woelk 1 year ago

    The Royals have some great trade chips but none of these players mentioned are worth Zimmer, Bonoficio, Manaea, Almonte, or Mondesi. With these type of prospects they should be looking at getting Stanton or Cargo.

    • Lefty_Orioles_Fan
      Lefty_Orioles_Fan 1 year ago

      Maybe somehow get Tulo instead?
      It would be kind of a big deal trade that would get the fans fired up.
      Although, can the Royals afford Stanton or Cargo or Tulo for that matter?

      • Brian Lynch 1 year ago

        They can’t afford to pay those guys. Stanton will probably get 25 million a year when his time comes.

        • bigbadjohnny 1 year ago

          try 30 million per year for Stanton.

          • Brian Lynch 1 year ago

            It could very well be. One thing for sure is that very few teams could afford to pay him.

    • cjr45 1 year ago

      Stanton and Cargo are not on the trading block that is why the Royals are not looking at them.

    • Unassisted Triple Play 1 year ago

      lol stanton or cargo. This is the Royals not the Yankees! They could barely afford James Shields and had to pay through the tooth in prospects to get him. They don’t have the $$ to add a Stanton or Cargo! Keep dreamin.

  2. Lefty_Orioles_Fan
    Lefty_Orioles_Fan 1 year ago

    Rios would be the bet for the Royals.
    So, why not Rios?

    • bigbadjohnny 1 year ago

      Rios might be heading to Seattle.

    • burtonlive 1 year ago

      Rios has 4 HRs in Arlington, why bring him to Kauffman?

  3. pastlives 1 year ago

    then why didn’t they ask for Pillar or Reimold from the Jays instead of trading them Valencia for some junk? I would have done either of those trades if I were the Jays.

  4. Tony Matias 1 year ago

    I’ve hoped Jack Z would get Ruggiano over someone like Willingham as he’s controllable and doesn’t cost a lot, but that makes too much sense, so I’m sure it won’t happen.

  5. WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 1 year ago

    I really don’t understand KC approach to the deadline, they seem to be in a holding pattern. KC trails the Tigers by 5 games and are 3.5 games back in the wild card. None of the bats mentioned above are enough to get them to the postseason. They either need to go all in for an impact player or sell off pieces like Shields to rebuild for next year.

    • truroyal15
      Chad Woelk 1 year ago

      My thoughts exactly. If your not going to make a big move then trade Shields before we lose him for just a draft pick.

  6. Thomas W 1 year ago

    The royals should have added Ruggiano in the offseason when all he cost was a maxwell type OF

  7. bigbadjohnny 1 year ago

    Rumor out of Chicago might be a larger package……..Villanueva, Ruggiano and Valbuena to the Royals.

    • Thomas W 1 year ago

      If that happened the Royals would be in good shape those are all talented underrated guys

  8. rct 1 year ago

    Chris Young, baby!

  9. Kansas_City 1 year ago

    Royal GM is not bright. They went backwards at 3B with trade of Valencia. Unlikely to be smart enough to figure out move to significantly improve RF, Should have kept Maxwell on team and platooned both him and Valencia since June.

  10. Unassisted Triple Play 1 year ago

    Royals would be wise not to overpay for anyone cuz honestly, HONESTLY, they aren’t playing well enough to do much of anything this year. This could have been their year but down years from Butler, Moustakas and others have really held back a promising young team. They would be wise to try to upgrade for the long term and if that player is not available at this time just save the farm and look at free agents later. They are much more than one player away but I don’t count them out completely because deep down I would LOVE to see the Kansas City Royals playing playoff baseball!

  11. Dave Beal 1 year ago

    I haven’t seen any player worth obtaining for KC. We have a high value for our prospects and none of the available players are both effective at the plate and in the field. Vargas will be back for his next start on Sunday and the rotation is back to full strength then, with Chen going back to the pen. I could see making room for a depth guy the likes of Kennedy or Colon, but then who do they displace in the rotation? Nobody IMO. I am hoping we don’t add anything more than another reliever, or a versatile bench player and send Colon back down. We are still within striking range and have a relatively easier schedule in August to make another run. Screw the wildcard, we are out for the division title. We need a 5 game playoff, not a one game fluke that the wildcard has become.

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