Multiple Teams Scouting Antonio Bastardo

With multiple teams on the lookout for bullpen help, left-hander Antonio Bastardo is drawing some significant trade interest, reports Jim Salisbury of Sources tell Salisbury that the Royals are very interested in Bastardo, while the Tigers, Pirates and Blue Jays are all in the mix as well. All four teams have scouted each of Philadelphia’s past two games (Salisbury notes that the Tigers are also believed to be keeping an eye on Jonathan Papelbon).

The 28-year-old Bastardo makes sense as a trade chip for the Phillies, whose large commitments to veterans and willingness to include no-trade clauses and vesting options in their contracts has left them with few pieces that are both movable and desirable. Bastardo is both of those, however, as he’s owed just $2MM in 2014 and is controlled through 2015 as an arbitration eligible player. He’s also had good results┬áthis season, having compiled a 3.27 ERA with 10.8 K/9, 4.9 BB/9 and a 33.7 percent ground-ball rate. Bastardo has been effective against both left-handed hitters (.616 OPS) and right-handed hitters (.634 OPS) throughout his career.

The Reds have also been connected to Bastardo this month, and the Braves have been known to be seeking a southpaw for their bullpen as well (though the usual intra-division caveat applies). Interested teams do have some alternatives, including James Russell and Wesley Wright of the Cubs, and possibly Andrew Miller of the Red Sox.

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  1. WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 12 months ago

    The Phillies, always scouted never traded.

    • Donnie Bandera 12 months ago

      The Phillies traded Shane Victorino, Joe Blanton, Jim Thome, Michael Young, & Hunter Pence at the trade deadlines the past 2 years. They haven’t been “Sellers” because up to the past 2 years, they were always winning their division and were “Buyers” – both at the deadlines and off-seasons. This year Bastardo and Byrd WILL be traded. Kendrick and Hernandez are both Free Agents – so they can be had really cheap. Lee and Papelbon will be hard sells, but available.. Utley, Rollins both have to agree to get traded – and Hamels can be had if an offer blows them away. Ohh yeah, Burnett is as good as gone too.. either back to Pittsburgh or to Baltimore.

      Utley, Rollins and Papelbon all makes sence for the A’s
      Lee to the Yankees
      Burnett to Pirates or Orioles
      Byrd to Mariners, Royals or Reds.
      Bastardo to Tigers, Blue Jays or Reds
      Paps to Dodgers , Tigers or A’s
      Utley to SF or A’s

  2. IZZONE 12 months ago

    He as good numbers but I don’t like his BB/9 ratio and that is why I want the Tigers to get someone else. Last night the Tigers lost because of BBs.

    • Phillyfan425 12 months ago

      The BB/9 rate is scary – but he’s also not so cut and dry. From a fan that has watched him all year, he has been 2 different pitchers this season. The first one, was a guy who nibbled at everything, unsure in his stuff. That was the first 2 months – where he had 31 K and 20 walks in 25 and 2/3 innings. The second one, was a guy confident in his stuff and attacking hitters. That’s what he’s been the last 2 months – where he’s had 22 K and 4 walks in 18 and 1/3 inning. The “turning point” of his season was when he blew a 14 inning game to the Mets. Phils gave him 3 days off, started working him in lower leverage situations the next week, and he looked great. He’s back in high leverage situations now (or at least, as high as they get for the Phillies).

      • cgriffith 12 months ago

        I wouldn’t touch Bastardo at all; he scares me and the Tigers bullpen besides Joba Chamberlain is scary. The tigers are looking for productive, and reliable arms.

    • cgriffith 12 months ago

      I agree I would take Giles and Papelbon though. His FIP, Era+, and BB/SO rate are a scary I would pass on Bastardo

  3. cgriffith 12 months ago

    At this point I believe the Tigers need arms which will be reliable and productive. I don’t know if the Phillies offer that for a reasonable price. If Giles is available I try to get him and Papelbon if he’s not I walk away

    • Klaus D. 12 months ago

      Giles was just called up a few weeks ago. The plan is to build their bullpen around him for the future with him being the likely closer if/when they can move Paps. There is not even a fraction of a percentage that Giles is available at this time.

      • cgriffith 12 months ago

        You don’t think I know that? You think I was just saying his name for no reason? If he isn’t in any package with Papelbon ( def. pass on Bastardo) then I walk away as the Tigers; there are better options and plenty of other teams wanting to sell.

        Benoit, Qualls, Cishek (possibly) Soria, among others

        • Gersh 12 months ago

          If the Tigers do walk away because we arent packaging Giles, I don’t think the Phillies would care, there are multiple teams interested they don’t need the Tigers.

          • cgriffith 12 months ago

            Braves, Royals, Blue Jays and Pirates have fun…

        • Klaus D. 12 months ago

          My fault, I guess I didn’t understand the point of you even mentioning Giles then if you knew he was unavailable. I’d be happy to deal with the Royals, Jays or Pirates if those are our options. Pirates are looking at Burnett apparently and Royals are in on Byrd (depending on if he’d waive his NTC), so if including Bastardo nets a better prospect to either of those teams, I’m all for it.

          • cgriffith 12 months ago

            Everyone is always available. (I.e. Miguel Cabrera in 2007) Bastardo has no value in Detroit, he is to similar to Ian Krol or Phil Coke. Papelbon would put pressure Nathan, but his attitude worries me and the Tigers clubhouse is a good one. Giles looks like a closer and a solid arm who wouldn’t want him. Remember he’s a prospect and only that a prospect. A team that over values there prospects usually isn’t in contention (exception Oakland)

          • Klaus D. 12 months ago

            Phils have nowhere to go but up at this point regardless of whether they overvalue or undervalue their prospects. LOL. I’m hoping they can trade Bastardo somewhere because I think he has a fair amount of value even if not to Detroit. Bastardo is one of their better trade chips as sad as it is to say.

          • Kevin 12 months ago

            I absolutely promise you, Giles is untouchable. This bullpen has struggled to raise its own RHP since Ryan Madson, who left in free agency years ago. To fans, he is literally the savior of the bullpen. Loops on sports radio of people yelling “WE WANT GILES! WE WANT GILES!” I can’t remember any player in recent memory that the fans fought harder to have called up. He will remain in a phillies uniform until free agency or until he becomes washed up, whichever comes first. Of the 25 men on the roster, no trade would turn the fans away from the ballpark faster than to send our 100 Mile Kenny Giles packing

          • flyerzfan12 12 months ago

            Giles is not untouchable. But there’s absolutely no reason that the Phillies would be shopping him either.

          • flyerzfan12 12 months ago

            You’re right, prospects are just prospects, but there’s also a reason teams are holding on to their top prospects more than ever. With the outrageous prices teams need to spend in FA to fill holes, it’s becoming a necessity to develop and keep young, cheap homegrown talent for as long as you can. Obviously, to get a David Price you will have to part with these players and many of the “untouchables” teams hold on to end up being busts (Dom Brown).

            Teams like the Dodgers aren’t going to just trade Joc Pederson for Antonio Bastardo because they have a crowded MLB OF with the thought of “oh well he’s just a prospect, he might not pan out”

          • dc21892 12 months ago

            As long as Pap is in contention he will be fine. I am still upset he skipped town for money because he was awesome in Boston the fans loved him. At the end of the day, we probably would have never had Koji time though. Anyways, he’s not too detrimental to a team.

          • Klaus D. 12 months ago

            I bet Mike Trout is not available. Haha

          • JCurrie39 12 months ago

            I betcha they would trade him if a team would give up top prospects and take on Hamilton and Albert and any other bad contract in Anaheim. No team would do that but still if offered they would no doubt counter and work out a deal.

  4. SiladelphiaSillies 12 months ago

    I was at last night’s game and Bastardo looked good, throwing a lot of strikes. As long as he does that, he should be a reliable, cheap eighth inning option. His problems lie in walking way too many batters.

    • cgriffith 12 months ago

      Joba Chamberlain is the setup man in Detroit were not looking for a setup guy. Arms and flexibility preferably that don’t walk batters so no way do I want Bastardo (Phil Coke does a nice job of walking batters already 2 last night which cost us the game)

      • tune-in for baseball 12 months ago

        Sorry but we do need a set up guy, to be used in situations just like last night. Jobba is great and Nathan is improving but we need 1 or 2 8-9th inning guys to fill in. They can rotate and also help out in 7th inning situations.

        • SiladelphiaSillies 12 months ago

          Yeah. If you notice, winning teams like the Giants (Casilla, Lopez, Affeldt and Kontos as of late) and Nationals (Soriano, Storen, Clippard, and Barrett this year) have many 7-8-9th types. That’s just how good bullpens are built.

  5. JerryTheScholar 12 months ago

    I think you guys can save space by just saying “Tigers looking at any and all relievers.”

  6. The Virus 12 months ago

    Multiple teams want Bastardo? So RAJ will ask for the moon, then say never mind, and sign Bastardo to a 10 year 225 million extension with player options on the end and complete no-trade clause

  7. cgriffith 12 months ago

    ERa+ of 114/ So to W rate of 2.21 and a FIP of 3.09 no thank you in the National League

  8. Dave Shearer 12 months ago

    Tony the Batard he was nicknamed at one point.

  9. Jeff Miller 12 months ago

    I think he also had a nickname like Antonio No-Daddyo.

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