Salvador Perez Changes Agents

Royals catcher Salvador Perez has changed agents from SPS Sports Group to Rick Thurman of Beverly Hills Sports Council, CBS Sports’ Jon Heyman tweets.

Perez is in the midst of a very long and team-friendly extension signed unusually early in his career. He’s making $1.5MM in 2014 and his under Royals control through 2019, with team options the last three years of just $3.75MM, $5MM and $6MM for the last three seasons.

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  1. Cuso 11 months ago

    Don’t blame him. He’ll be a top 5 catcher in the game for those years and getting really underpaid.

    • Michael 11 months ago

      Which means he was overpaid during his prospect status 😉

      • Cuso 11 months ago

        If he’s only making $1.5M this year, I think it’s a hard case to make that he was overpaid in prior years when he was obviously making much less than $1.5M

        • Michael 11 months ago

          I’m referring to him getting one of those nice contracts before the player even establish himself in the sport. I. E. Jonathon Singleton…

  2. Tommy Gunn 11 months ago

    This might be the most team friendly contract in all of baseball.

  3. Michael 11 months ago

    I’m surprised Scott Boras’s name isn’t written all over this.

  4. KCBandit 11 months ago

    I would fire my agent as well if he came up with this contract. This contract will save the Royals from not having to worry about their star leaving for years while paying him millions under market.

    • psabella 11 months ago

      And how does the contract look if Perez gets hurt or stops playing well? He would be thianking his agent then would he not? As stated above, it is a gamble both sides took with their eyes open.

      • Cuso 11 months ago

        You can say that about every single player. When you balance the player value vs. inherent risk of ANY player having a career-ending injury tomorrow, the scale shows that Perez’ agent didn’t do a great job on this one.

  5. Christopher Velez 11 months ago

    Lopez’s deal traded potential future earnings for guaranteed present value: He made 150% the league minimum in 2012, twice the league minimum last year, and three times it this year, plus guaranteeing two of his arbitration years. The price was a pair of very cheap FA years if he turns out to be continue to be a 3-4 WAR catcher.

    And the club options might not be as cheap as they first appear, as per Cot’s Contracts: “2017-19 salaries may increase by additional $5M overall based on performance and awards in 2012-16 (earns bonuses by reaching 4 points, with 1 point each for All-Star selection, Gold Glove, Silver Slugger, top 15 in MVP vote)[.]” As he was an All-Star last year and won a Gold Glove, plus being an All-Star this year, he’s already 75% of the way to securing his salary enhancement.

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