Yankees Looking At Josh Willingham, Other Bats

The Yankees are “looking at” Twins outfielder Josh Willingham, reports Jon Heyman of CBSSports.com. The club is also eyeing several other possible additions that would bolster the lineup.

GM Brian Cashman said recently that the team sees adding offense as the first priority. Heyman explains that, while the rotation is an obvious need, the club never intended for Ichiro Suzuki to play everyday and may be looking for depth given Carlos Beltran‘s struggles with injury.

Willingham may hold more appeal to New York than other corner outfield bats like Marlon Byrd of the Phillies and Alex Rios of the Rangers, says Heyman, because he is cheaper now and does not come with future commitments. The latter two players, however, have not been ruled out by New York as targets.

Of course, the 35-year-old Twin also figures to be available for a lesser prospect return. Coming off a tough 2013, he was out early with a fractured wrist. He has, however, been productive upon his return. While is batting average is just .215, he has slugged .420 (with ten home runs) and reached base at a .357 clip through 227 plate appearances.

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  1. Hmm, kind of a tough spot when deciding between Byrd and Willingham. The contract for Byrd doesn’t make sense for next year unless he becomes an expensive 4th/backup outfielder. He has better production though and I think he would make more of a difference for this team. Willingham has good power, but his overall numbers are…bleh. If I had to choose, guess I would go with Byrd if it’s about “win now”. What say you guys?

    But seriously, can we get a better second baseman? I’ll take a defensive/no-bat one at that.

    • LazerTown 11 months ago

      Byrd is probably the better get if the Phillies are just willing to get the contract moved, since he is owed money next year. Willingham’s defense is pretty bad, but with him you also don’t have to give quite as much commitment. I’d look for the team that is willing to take less prospect value, and be happy to have the money off the books.

      If they wanted a defensive/no-bat 2B then they would just play Ryan.

      • Forgot Ryan existed lol

      • JacobyWanKenobi 11 months ago

        They’ll definitely get whomever requires the least amount/lower ranked prospects. They can always eat money, that’s not really an issue.

  2. Adam Heath 11 months ago

    Play Ichiro! I want to see him reach 3,000 hits!

  3. NYY42 11 months ago

    If you can get Rios and not give up much go get him!
    Els,gard and rios would be good for one more yr dh beltran

  4. Mike1L 11 months ago

    Interesting how fate changes things. If Beltran and McCann were performing anywhere near expectations for this year (Beltran’s 3 years was not prudent) we wouldn’t be having these conversations. The Yankees are forced to sniff around the bargain bin and overpay for other team’s discards. There were some things that were pretty predicable this year (weak infield) and others which were just very bad luck. How a very expensive team can go off the rails. I’m amazed they are still close. It’s the odd end of parity.

    • Too Many Idiots 11 months ago

      In what trade have they overpaid this year?

    • هذا الرجل رهيبة الكبير خليل 11 months ago

      Overpaid trades? they traded nothing for a solid 3rd basemen and a swing man for McCarthy who has looked good since coming to the Bronx

      • Steve Annis 11 months ago

        don’t say nothing for 3rd baseman, while I agree with the trade, the pitcher they gave up is projected to be a good ML (we all know that is pot luck) so it could backfire if we have Headley for only 2 months and don’t make playoffs

        • JacobyWanKenobi 11 months ago

          To be fair, DePaula has been projected as a reliever in the bigs by most scouts, not many think he’ll stick at starting.

          • LazerTown 11 months ago

            He probably lost too much development time.

  5. Overbrook 11 months ago

    Rios stands tall against this sorry bunch. At least he can field his position. Surprised Adam Dunn isn’t out there. He can’t defend, but at least he has an OPS over .800.

  6. ROR1997 11 months ago

    Hmmm. You have a lineup that isn’t hitting and you decide the answer is a OF who is hitting .215. I’m sorry, am I missing something? The focus should be a 2B and a SP. You have to tough it out in the OF but you have Zoilo Almonte in the minors if you need him.

    • Federal League 11 months ago

      Or, instead of focusing on the batting average, you could focus on the 35.7% of the time Willingham isn’t making outs and his .205 ISO.

  7. هذا الرجل رهيبة الكبير خليل 11 months ago

    Why not just give Almonte a shot? Willingham is a no for me, the guy stinks. Maybe see what Texas wants for Rios

    • LazerTown 11 months ago

      120 wrc+. His defense stinks, but he does add some punch in the lineup.

  8. Cuso 11 months ago

    Rios’ power has gone bye-bye for whatever reason. While the most capable fielder, Yanks already have two speed-first guys in the OF. They need pop. Willingham advantage is that he is a pure two-month rental. His ISO power is pretty good. The .215 average isn’t the problem. “Can he actually play RF?” Is the problem. I think it’s been since ’07 that he’s played a game there. Byrd would seem to fit the bill but the price tag will be higher and you’re likely going to have to commit 2015 to him, as well. Given the current roster construction and looking forward to 2015, Willingham (warts, and all) is the best option for Yanks. They only want a rental anyways. They’ll look in a different direction for 2015 RF.

    • JacobyWanKenobi 11 months ago

      I think Rios only has a team option for ’15, so he’d technically be a rental too. I think the Yankees would rather have a .299 hitter who could occasionally run into one than a .235 guy with some more pop.

      • Cuso 11 months ago

        Yes, it is a team option. No, the Yankees aren’t looking at batting average as what the team needs. They’re looking for the “little more pop.” The lineup is littered with guys that could occasionally run into one. They need a power bat, .212 average be damned.

  9. BB_dont_R 11 months ago

    Tulo is sitting behind the plate at Yankees stadium right now???

  10. NYY42 11 months ago

    May as well see what the mets want for bobby abreu

  11. NYY42 11 months ago

    Joke by the way!

  12. JJ 11 months ago

    just give Almonte a shot

  13. Justin 11 months ago

    How about this. Brace yourself:
    Gary Sanchez, Ian Clarkin, Manny Banuelos, and Bryan Mitchell FOR
    Carlos Gonzalez. Thoughts????

    • YanksFan4EverNamed_Nick 11 months ago

      I like it but maybe the yanks add a little more and rocks add tulo but very unlikely

      • Justin 11 months ago

        I feel like the Rockies would want way more for Tulo. Car-Go is signed through 2017 and Tulo is signed through 2020 which means you would have him for longer. 3 1/2 years of car-go seems like its worth what i put up and if the yankees want any chance at making the postseason they need an impact bat like car-go.

  14. Daniel Morairity 11 months ago

    I could see willingham go the the bronx but the prospects is the problem

    • Danielle Rennifer 11 months ago

      Seattle Mariners would be another team interested in Willingham & Suzuki.

      • Daniel Morairity 11 months ago

        Yes seattle needs a right handed bat but not willingham they need byrd

        • Danielle Rennifer 11 months ago

          Heard the Mariners are not interested in him anymore. Three way trade w/ the Yankees may not be bad if Hart/Montero/Smoak goes to the Bronx (plus Cliff Lee or AJ Burnett is involved also), while the Mariners & Yankees split on prospects including Paxton or Maurer going to the Phillies and Byrd & Rollins to the Mariners.

  15. Danielle Rennifer 11 months ago

    Is Adam Dunn and Viciedo both available from the ChiSox as both would fit in nicely in pinstripes if the Yankees have enough prospects in exchange for both players?

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