More Biogenesis-Related Suspensions Likely To Occur

TODAY: It may yet take a few weeks or months for the MLB players involved to be publicly disclosed, but Quinn says (Twitter links) it appears at least a few “fairly significant” but not “major” names could be linked to PEDs.

YESTERDAY: If you haven’t seen the news, a series of arrests were made today of figures involved in operating the Biogenesis clinic and facilitating its distribution of PEDs (which is alleged to include not only professional athletes, but also high school athletes in the Miami area). Among the arrested parties were Biogenesis founder Tony Bosch (who surrendered to the DEA on charges of conspiracy to distribute anabolic steroids) and the cousin of Alex Rodriguez — Yuri Sucart. USA Today’s Bob Nightengale adds that former ACES consultant Juan Carlos Nunez — who was behind Melky Cabrera‘s web site scandal –was also arrested. Thirteen MLB players were suspended last year, on today’s exact date, for using or possessing PEDs distributed by the Biogenesis clinic.

The federal investigation that brought about those arrests have “revealed previously unnamed MLB players,”’s T.J. Quinn reports on Twitter, which could well lead to another round of suspensions. (Quinn, whose Twitter timeline has quite a bit of additional coverage, says to “expect more suspensions.”) It can only be hoped that we will not see a repeat of last year’s seemingly endless saga. Nevertheless, the potential impact on baseball’s transactional side remains a realistic consideration.

Reports have not yet surfaced regarding the details of the newly-discovered information, such as what players might be involved and what sort of evidence arguably incriminates them. The bulk of the suspensions that came down last year were for fifty games apiece, and several notable players — including Nelson Cruz and Jhonny Peralta — ultimately missed the playoff push for contending clubs.

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  1. LiveFastCyYoung 11 months ago

    Peralta didn’t miss the playoffs.

  2. Victoria Roberts 11 months ago

    Well this is certainly the gift that keeps on giving.

    • Jake 11 months ago

      Darn, I was just about to make this exact snarky comment. Good work Victoria!

  3. WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 11 months ago

    MLB will wait until after the season to hand down the suspensions, they won’t want this to distract from the run up to the postseason like it did last year.

    • Victoria Roberts 11 months ago

      I don’t buy that. They want to make it hurt so guys don’t do it. Getting suspended for a playoff run should hurt.

      • WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 11 months ago

        The MLB wants to hurt player but not owners/teams, that has always been their approach to PED’s. News of last year’s suspensions came down before the trade deadline and in time for every player except Arod to return prior to the start of the postseason. They wouldn’t be able to do it so cleanly this year.

        • Victoria Roberts 11 months ago

          Clean doesn’t matter. They have never delayed anything until the next season. They enact punishment when they discover the crime. And I don’t think clean players, teams or ownership consider it a punishment to them. After all the Giants could have had Melky on the roster in 2012, but chose to play without him and still won. The team and its leadership were done with Melky, and it worked out fine for them.

          • Todd Smith 11 months ago

            I think it’s pretty clear that the punishments were designed to help the teams last year.

          • Victoria Roberts 11 months ago

            How so? They don’t deliberately punish the teams. They handed out the punishments as per the rules when they discovered the offense. They could have waited for the timing to be worse, but I never insinuated that that was what they did. They just don’t put it off until later.

          • Todd Smith 11 months ago

            Peralta and Cruz were given 50 games suspensions, and they made sure to give those suspensions out with exactly 50 games remaining in the season so that they could return for the playoffs. Braun was considered a second offender, which usually carries a 100 game suspension. But he was kind of banged up last year, and the Brewers were out of it anyway, so they let him just sit out the remaining 70 games or so remaining in the season and called it close enough. A-Rod was considered a second offender, which usually carries a 100 game suspension. The Yankees desperately wanted to get out of that bad contract, so they suspended him for the entire 162 game schedule this year to help free up some cash for the Yankees. Each suspension was custom tailored to help the corresponding teams.

          • Victoria Roberts 11 months ago

            They most likely did it that way so none of the players would appeal, because appealing would have meant a 100 game suspension. As for the ARod suspension, I think his was longer because he was trying to buy evidence and MLB wanted to punish him more severely. If they really wanted to help the Yankees they would have tried to make it a lifetime suspension.

            And Braun’s first positive test was overturned, so you can consider those 20 extra games punishment for ruining the test taker’s reputation.

        • Tyler Young 11 months ago

          So basically you are saying the MLB will let players help out their team by cheating, allow them to make it to the postseason and compete for a World Series, while on steroids, so it doesn’t cause a distraction? Don’t you think the legitimacy of the champs would be in question, if 1 or even more players were suspended after they were allowed to win a World Series on steroids.. I’m sorry but I’d rather have to deal with multiple stories every day related to suspensions, then have cheaters help their team win a World Series. It would bring up al lot of conspiracy crap.

          • rikersbeard 11 months ago

            They’re obviously not still on the drugs from the biogenesis clinic.

      • janrayewilliams 11 months ago

        They don’t care if the players use HGH/PEDs. They actually give them PERMISSION to use it all they want UNTIL they are caught the 3rd time which could take years. HGH can only be detected for about 24 hours after injecting in blood with the present tests used. Muscle biopsy would tell if players have been using HGH for years, which most have. They begin as teens so that the leg bones especially grow longer than average in proportion to the torso.

  4. bucsws2014 11 months ago

    It would be sporting of MLB to give the GMs that list of potential users. I’d hate to see, for instance, the Bucs trade for someone to replace Cutch only to have that guy suspended for the season.

    • SFGiantsfan_10 11 months ago

      I agree, or so that they can plan accordingly, so if that someone on a team gets suspended, then the GM of the team has the opportunity to make a trade to patch the ship for a playoff run.

    • sunshipballoons 11 months ago

      Since MLB is the owners, one would think that the teams do have access to the list.

    • Nathan Boley 11 months ago

      Are you referring to Marlon Byrd by chance?

  5. Jerry Mandering 11 months ago

    I can think of a few big names that are getting very nervous right about now.

    • Big Giant Head 11 months ago

      Barry Bonds, Benito Santiago, Jeremy Giambi…oh wait….

      • vtadave 11 months ago

        More like Albert Pujols, Miguel Cabrera, etc.

        • JamieFC 11 months ago

          Hey, if you’re just going to arbitrarily name the best hitters of the last five years, don’t forget to throw in Mike Trout and Paul Goldschmidt among others. Can’t forget the younger guys!

          • Trock 11 months ago

            The young guys would NEVER use PED’s. Cmon man…

        • Dave 11 months ago

          I wouldn’t bet on Pujols, he was bulking up in high school and I’m pretty sure some highschool kid in Kansas wasn’t exactly hanging out with the guys from Biogenesis.

          Not to say he wasn’t roiding up the old fashioned way, like many players, but he didn’t have any sudden performance improvements during his career like most of the people named, and he never had to come back from a serious injury either.

          Not saying he’s clean, just that he’s not in the Biogenesis pack.

          • sunshipballoons 11 months ago

            Yeah, as Dave points out, Pujols started his HGH regimen before biogenesis even existed.

        • Brett Orange 11 months ago

          Just because someone is a good hitter doesn’t automatically mean they are on steroids. You need at least some type of evidence before throwing out wild accusations

        • $114759666 11 months ago

          Pretty sure both those guys would count as major names.

  6. shysox 11 months ago

    Guessing Cruz didn’t learn his lesson

    • Steve Adams 11 months ago

      Quinn says that previously unrevealed names have been learned, and more suspensions are expected… and your response is to accuse a player who has already been revealed and served a suspension?

      • shysox 11 months ago

        Quinn does not say anywhere that the names are exclusive to first time offenders. Cruz is purely speculation on my part, however.

  7. disqus_CPgX5sMODk 11 months ago

    I wonder if Robinson Cano is on this new list. Remember he was on the original list but somehow got his name dropped.

  8. Mark Kelevara 11 months ago

    So the ones who THOUGHT they got away last season, are in the midst of finally getting caught? Sweet.

    Better start prepping up those fake websites boys, just don’t call ACES for help.

  9. Criznit 11 months ago

    Well. Just thowing a name out there but… Chris Davis anyone?

    • Patrick R. 11 months ago

      No. Everyone thinks that power surges automatically equal steroids. Chris Davis has always had tremendous power. He was able to put it all together last season

      • sunshipballoons 11 months ago

        Yes, Davis’s HR increase came from increased contact, not increased power. But that doesn’t mean his power didn’t come from PEDs.

    • Criznit 11 months ago

      One more but I doubt it, Vmart?

      • Jerry Mandering 11 months ago

        Him, Byrd and Hunter having career years post 35, something’s fishy there. Just saying.

        • Criznit 11 months ago

          Hasn’t Byrd been popped before? I’d check but too busy figuring out who to point my finger at next..

    • Rabbitov 11 months ago

      Davis mashed all the way through the minors, Jose Bautista would be infinitely more likely.

      • Jaysfan1994 11 months ago

        Toronto’s such a hitter friendly ballpark, it doesn’t get it’s recognition for making guys like Edwin Encarnacion/Jose Bautista the power threats they are.

        • Rabbitov 11 months ago

          Encarnacion okay, Bautista came literally out of nowhere.

          • sunshipballoons 11 months ago

            It really didn’t come from nowhere. It’s not like he went from no power to a lot of power. He went from some power in pitchers parks to a lot of power in a hitters park.

          • Rabbitov 11 months ago

            15 HR power in Pittsburg does not equal 54 HR power in Toronto with doubles staying exactly the same at age 30. I get what you are saying, I just can not agree with it.

            I am not outright accusing him of PED use, but he is the player not linked to PEDs that would surprise me the least if it came out.

          • sunshipballoons 11 months ago

            Right, he clearly improved his ability to hit HRs; it wasn’t all the switch to Toronto. Maybe it was the natural way, maybe it was PEDs. But people act like he had no history of hitting HRs, which just isn’t true. His potential was always as a power hitter.

          • $114759666 11 months ago

            I’ve always thought JD Martinez was kind of like Bautista… guy that never seemed to get it, gets dumped by a losing/rebuilding team then suddenly puts it all together and starts tearing after being picked up by another team. I hope neither of them are on the list, kind of like those guys.

        • Andrew Ochs 11 months ago

          Its hitter friendly because the Jays steal signs :p

          • Jaysfan1994 11 months ago

            Every team steals signs. The Jays were just too foolish and got caught stealing signs with the infamous “Man In White”.

        • Baseball Realism 11 months ago

          Considering how much he was under the public eye for the past 3 years, I highly doubt he is taking PEDs.

          Changing his swing and getting regular playing time is what did it.

          He even thought it was a fluke as evident from his club friendly contract he signed a few years ago. His numbers and skill should be putting him closer to 20 million instead of 10 million

          • Jaysfan1994 11 months ago

            Oh, I’m aware they both changed their swings and actually had good power numbers before. Jose had a 20+ homer season in the minors so it’s not like he wasn’t ever projected to hit hit 20+ in his career.

            It’s just people assuming that these guys have to be on something because they don’t like the player/team.

  10. Osfan1973 11 months ago

    Who cares. Until they start yanking championships it doesn’t matter. if Ortiz is on this list, the Red Sox WS is void.

    • d-blaqueqq 11 months ago

      They should take some of the O’s recent ones if Chris Davis is on there. wait…

    • Ben_Cherington 11 months ago

      Kind of a silly statement IMO.
      Should the yanks vacate their WS bc of AROD, 2012 Tigers Pennant bc of Peralta, 2009 Phillies due to Ruiz??
      Where does it stop? You could potentially find a band substance on any team dating back to the late 70s.

      It seems to be a black eye for baseball and many players/teams had knowledge of it. It is unfortunate that ppl cheated. I say let it be and move on.

      However, I would like to see pitchers get back on the juice, im so tired of all the tommy johns!

      • Osfan1973 11 months ago

        I agree with your logic. I think vacated championships should happen, regardless of what team if wrong doing is found on the Red Sox, Yankees, Orioles or anyone else. How do we do that? It’s a mess, but on principle – I think we should.

        • Ben_Cherington 11 months ago

          Then you get into should we vacate records??
          Just seems like if baseball were to that, there would be an extended period of this dark cloud looming over longer than needed.

          • Osfan1973 11 months ago

            Not having the stomach to pay the price for a mistake is never an excuse to condone it. That’s just my opinion.

          • Ben_Cherington 11 months ago

            I understand, byt my point of view that this has been going on so long, leaving a negative impact on the sport in the eyes of fair waether fans, why bring up the past? We have learned from the mistakes and are taking positive steps to remedy the problem.

          • Osfan1973 11 months ago

            Well, if folks are found guilty, then they must be held accountable not just for the ethics of not cheating but for the justice of the punishment for those already caught. I know I sound very elitist in what i am saying, but baseball is such a beautiful game. Even if it hurts, a lot, we need to clean it up.

          • Karkat 11 months ago

            Holding individuals accountable is fine (even if there still is the question: what were the people they were facing using??) But once you get to the team level, there’s problems.

            I will say, if (and I don’t exactly think this is likely) David Ortiz were to be found to have been using an actual, specific substance and suspended I doubt I’d want him on my team anymore.

          • Rabbitov 11 months ago

            Agree 100% with the distinction. No way am I going to accept the record of a proven cheater for individual performance, such as Bonds, but you can’t strip the victories of an entire team for cheating. If that was the case how many World Series winners would actually stand?

            There has been a whole lot of cheating going on in baseball besides PEDs for the last century +

          • Karkat 11 months ago

            It’s not even not having the stomach, but being incapable of knowing if you’re making the right choices. Like I said, because you know one guy on a winning team used something, how do you quantify the difference, and how can you be sure more people on the other team weren’t using more things? If we could ever know everything for sure, I might share your point of view, but it’s unfortunately just not possible.

          • Ben_Cherington 11 months ago

            I wish I could like this 1000x

          • Osfan1973 11 months ago

            Its a tough process. You have valid points. in the end , we as fans can have our own standards. As an Orioles fan I’d feel empty knowing a championship was tainted and I am sure teammates who are clean on said team would feel as bad if not worse.

            I understand your logic. Still, for me, I am disappointed. Winning only feels right when its done honorably. To this I am sure we all agree.

            You have your logic, and I respect it. I honestly do. However, I have mine and as crappy as it is to draw my line in the sand, I do it.

            I don’t want a championship where anyone can add the words, “yeah but” to it.

            I’ll wait, even for my beloved Orioles, a bit longer, for a win with dignity.

      • Fangaffes 11 months ago

        How would juicing prevent Tommy Johns? I believe it would cause (is causing) more, not less.

      • sunshipballoons 11 months ago

        Then, once you vacate the championships, you also have to vacate all of the team’s losses, since their opponents also used steroids, thus making them undefeated and returning their championship to them. or something.

    • Karkat 11 months ago

      And what if Matt Holliday were also on there? Allen Craig? Carlos Beltran?

      Or what about the Tigers? Peralta was on their ALCS team. What is Scherzer was using?

      What if David Freese was using in 2011? We’ll probably never know. Arod was on the NYY team that won in 2009. Was Howard using in 2008, maybe? Nelson Cruz was on the Rangers’ playoff runs in 2010/2011, so do they lose their pennant?

      Cheating is despicable, but it feels like pretty much every team has had some dubious connection to someone who is using or has used at some point. It feels like every big game in the 90’s and early 2000’s involved people who were using on both sides. So if you take a championship away from one team (a pointless notion after the fact, IMO), do you give it to the other team? Who’s to say they would’ve won? Who’s to say they were all clean?

      • Osfan1973 11 months ago

        I posted a bit lower that I understand your logic and to a point, agree with it. Regardless, we as fans know what is right and just. Roger Maris is still the HR champ, for example.

        I’m not trying to say one team is more unethical than another. The Red Sox won the last WS, so i referenced them.

        Let’s all agree this is a damned shame.

        • Metsfan93 11 months ago

          I’m fine with disliking cheaters, but really, Roger Maris is still the HR champ, to you. Roger Maris isn’t actually still the HR champ no matter how you want to slice it.

          • Patrick the Pragmatist 11 months ago

            Roger Maris does still hold the American League single season record.

        • gwell55 11 months ago

          You have a problem with your Roger Maris HR champ statement. What makes you think he and AAron and others were clean? We do know from Johnny Damon’s statements that Greenies were widely used and available to everyone in both clubhouses in all the stadiums he was in. Thus cleaning up needs to start clear back with Babe Ruth and Prohibition not just in the 60’s and forward with the Psychedelic drugs or the 90’s with the anabolic steroids or the 2000’s with those and next with Human Growth (HGH) drugs. Who knows who took what and who drank what and who should be outlawed for there acts. it goes on and on, however it is just as rampant in the other sports but they get a mostly cleaner pass for coming forward with a plan.

          • $114759666 11 months ago

            If we do that, we might need to ADD 100 homeruns for Babe Ruth since he was half drunk many games.

      • the Pirates must have been out of the loop for 21 years if every team has a connection.

        • Karkat 11 months ago

          The Giants missed the playoffs in 11 of the 15 seasons they had Barry Bonds, easily the most prolific steroid guy.

          Mark McGwire’s teams didn’t make the playoffs at all during his biggest power years (1996-1999).

          Sammy Sosa only saw two playoffs in his 13 seasons with the Cubs.

          Having a steroid connection does not instantly make a team amazing.

    • Rabbitov 11 months ago

      So is his hot dog eating championship

  11. wordsense 11 months ago

    Carlos Gomez.

    • Federal League 11 months ago

      Let’s wait until there actually are announced suspensions before we start naming every player who had a power spike in their mid-20s.

  12. SiladelphiaSillies 11 months ago

    Praying that no Phils that matter (Franco, Crawford, Nola, BP, Trade Canidates) are on this list. Thinking Papi, maybe Carlos Gomez, and some role players.

  13. YankeeFan™ 11 months ago

    Cano ? Ortiz ? Davis?

    • WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 11 months ago

      Davis was too late, his power surge came last year after Bosch operation was obviously under investigation. I suspect any wrong doing would have occurred prior to last year’s suspensions.

      • Federal League 11 months ago

        Davis didn’t really have a power surge. He always had huge power. He basically had a huge first half in 2013 and then came back down to earth.

    • MB923 11 months ago

      If it was 1 of those 3 names, I’d say Cano due to him possibly being in the original report.

    • Metsfan93 11 months ago

      I hope it’s none of them. I never want to see a player’s reputation tarnished, although in Ortiz’ case it would prevent him from achieving HoF status.

    • gwell55 11 months ago

      Jeter, Pettitte, Tex, Chamberlain, Sabathia, all these names who had a good career could be named what is your point?

      • Rabbitov 11 months ago

        I’m the furthest thing from a Yankees fan, but if Jeter was on there I’d quit baseball

  14. MB923 11 months ago

    Oh boy.

  15. jed_hoyer 11 months ago

    finally catching up to arods life time ban

    • Frittoman626 11 months ago

      A-Rod? It baffles me how he gets all the blame. MLB is just as guilty as he is.

      • jed_hoyer 11 months ago

        in the fact that the team doctors write the scrips yes but nobody is forcing you to cheat

  16. Bleed_Orange 11 months ago

    Lets say one of the High School athletes from Miami is now in the MLB would they be subject to suspension for taking PEDs prior to their entrance into MLB?

    • CG 11 months ago

      Just say Manny Machado, you might as well have tried to not say Santa Claus by saying, “The guy in the big red suit, who flies around using reindeer giving kids presents”.

      • dshires4 11 months ago

        I wish I could like your comment more than once. Brilliant.

  17. JST1331 11 months ago

    The anticipation begins for who gets busted.

  18. Grizzy 11 months ago

    I smell a 700 year suspension for A-Rod.

  19. Brian 11 months ago

    Dan Uggla.

  20. sportsnut969 11 months ago

    IMO as you look around the majors at all the player over the last 18 months that has had a major problem keeping their Batting Averages above 200 that were + ball players a few years ago that may be a place to start.

    Watching baseball in Cleveland a few guys that come to mind that have had several muscle related injury over that course of time Swisher / Bourn / Asdrubal Cabrera / Carlos Santana guys that year in and year out before the crack down were at the top of their games 20 + homers always at or slightly over a 300 BA.

    The above makes one think on look at your own home town players

    Here is a few more on other teams that meet the same Jose Reddick / Josh Hamilton

    • Federal League 11 months ago

      The ubiquitous use of infield shifts this season and the refusal to change their approach and go the other way has a lot to do with all the down batting averages.

    • gwell55 11 months ago

      Actually Batting average isn’t where to look … OPS is a more likely place.
      Year to year averages are for young fans to look at and drool.

  21. Epnate 11 months ago


  22. MLB needs to make it a rule that if you get suspended for PEDs during the year, you’re ineligible for that season’s postseason.

    • Federal League 11 months ago

      I’m not sure that would make a difference. This past off-season quite a few of the guys who received suspensions were signed to lucrative contracts.

    • Metsfan93 11 months ago

      I think they already did. As in, this past offseason.

      • rct 11 months ago

        I think he means regardless of when the player is suspended. Like if you’re suspended in late May, even if your suspension is up in like July or August, you’re still ineligible for the postseason.

          • Metsfan93 11 months ago

            I’m pretty sure that’s the way it is now. If I’m not mistaken, first-time suspensions were boosted to 80 games, second time to 162, and all suspended players are ineligible for the postseason now.

          • NoAZPhilsPhan 11 months ago

            You are correct and there is a retroactive clause. Those whose names are released by the Feds now will be subject to the current penalties despite when they used.

      • Todd Smith 11 months ago

        Funny. Jhonny Peralta hit .333 with 4 doubles, a HR and 6 RBI in the postseason last year while suspended.

        • Metsfan93 11 months ago

          The JDA was upgraded after the 2013 season. As in, the 2013/2014 offseason. Seriously, dude? Clearly the rule wasn’t in effect last season.

  23. Dave Pierce 11 months ago

    Quick, Gaby Sanchez, go hide…

    Nevermind he’s been hiding all year.

  24. WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 11 months ago

    From Quinn: “Two most common responses I’ve gotten on unnamed players are “please be Ortiz” and “please be Jeter.”

    I must say in all my Yankee hating years I’ve never though/hoped Jeter was a PED user. Who does?

    • MB923 11 months ago

      Not surprised.

    • rct 11 months ago

      I think the internet would collapse into itself like a dying star if Jeter was on the list.

      • WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 11 months ago

        Even if Jeter was involved (I’m not saying he is) all the evidence would be sealed and put into a crate like at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark

        • rct 11 months ago

          And years from now when the box is opened faces would melt off.

          • gwell55 11 months ago

            Is that before or after George S and Teddy ballgame are regenerated from frozen statis?

    • Victoria Roberts 11 months ago

      Hard to see why people would want Jeter’s career ruined in his last season. I get that everyone who isn’t a Sox fan dislikes Ortiz. But the Jeter think is hard to get.

      You would also have to figure that if there was any truth to that (Jeter) MLB would do everything within their power to bury it.

      • MB923 11 months ago

        Because he plays for the most hated team possibly in all of sports (and Ortiz probably plays for the 2nd most hated team in his sport)

        • Victoria Roberts 11 months ago

          You can’t be best at everything. Jeter is one of the most respected players in the game. I can see disliking ARod, but even on my worst day it’s tough to wish ill on Jeter.

      • WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 11 months ago

        Ortiz’s name has been in and out of PED rumors for years so there no surprise there but I would expect to see a lot of names ahead of Jeter. In fact that may be the first Jeter PED related remark I have read.

        • Victoria Roberts 11 months ago

          Yes this.

        • MB923 11 months ago

          Oh no I heard people think Jeter is on PED’s, especially in 2012 when he led the league in hits.

        • gwell55 11 months ago

          And if it wasn’t for Dan Shaungnessy and his anti-boston hatred to expand Dan’s own career we wouldn’t be hearing any rumors about Ortiz connection except for the he may of been on the non disclosed 2004 list. Ortiz has been Tested more than any other player over the last few years with the random test scheme (mainly because of this) and no drugs have been found in those tests. But he he is the best at what he does and that is reason enough for some to accuse.

      • Metsfan93 11 months ago

        I think there are a lot of closet Jeter haters out there that won’t say it when he’s doing things right because they don’t want to seem the odd one out. It would absolute floor me if Jeter was one of these names, considering his legacy was already set in stone and he had 3k hits before 2012 – the alleged Biogenesis season – even began.

      • TanakaFlaka 11 months ago

        Well if he cheated I would certainly want it ruined.

        • Victoria Roberts 11 months ago

          I don’t know. I’d rather not know after spending this entire season watching ESPN, Fox and MLB put on their respective love fests for him. I’m never going to get any of that time back.

      • gwell55 11 months ago

        Maybe because so many realize that Jeter was actually really selfish and not everyone’s hero? But that is neither here nor there in the scheme of things drug related.

    • section 34 11 months ago

      It’s not really about Jeter. It’s about the sanctimony of fans who claim that some heroes are perfect.

    • Karkat 11 months ago

      I kind of do now, not because of Jeter, but because of how crushed everyone at ESPN and such would be 😛

  25. section 34 11 months ago

    Baseball won’t suspend 90 guys. It can’t. It’s too many.

    Prediction: These names get swept under the rug, unless they are leaked in a public trial and baseball is forced to take action.

    • Patrick the Pragmatist 11 months ago

      Be interesting to see who got the spots and how they played if ninety did get suspended.

  26. chicothekid 11 months ago

    Strange that no one has mentioned this yet, but an outside source is about to release MORE names of PROVEN PED users that the MLB was unable to catch. Can we all agree that the MLB has NO idea how to catch these guys now? How many times does this have to happen for people to realize this? Unless they are going to shoot up in front of a reporter, the MLB still has no way of knowing if these guys are using. They can talk all they want about the players being tested, but these lists prove beyond doubt that their testing process is a sham, meant only to assuage the gullible. I can’t wait for Selig to leave.

    • TanakaFlaka 11 months ago

      What more can Selig do? Please explain. I don’t think there is much more someone else could do. They have the best testing in sports and actually care about cleaning the game…

      • psabella 11 months ago

        well said.

        • TanakaFlaka 11 months ago

          He could just cover it up and act like there are no PEDs in baseball…instead he tries to fix it and apparently is a horrible commish for it, just cause he decided to put a stop to it. Should have swept it under a rug I guess.

          • psabella 11 months ago

            I agreed with you but my agree came under chicothekid instead?

      • chicothekid 11 months ago

        Really? It seems to me as if he cares a great deal about LOOKING like he cares about cheaters, but doesn’t care much at all about actually catching them. I can test every player in the league, every single day if you like. THEN I can go the public and proclaim that I have made the game PED free, so they can feel free to worship their heroes once again. I won’t be telling you that my testing procedure doesn’t work at all though. You’ll have to figure that one out for yourself.

        Selig LOVES to talk tough about PED’s because it sounds great, but he loves what they do for the game and doesn’t want them going anywhere. He just wants you to think they are gone, and to remain ignorant. Keep doing that if you will, but I’m not buying what he’s selling. The writing is on the wall.

        He might catch a fool every now and then, just to show the public that he is on top of things and rooting out the bad apples, but when more lists like this become public, the truth is self-evident. He can’t catch them or doesn’t want to catch them. Both are probably true, but you’ll never hear it from him.

        • gwell55 11 months ago

          “Selig LOVES to talk tough” and he is actually only after his own legacy…

          There I fixed your speech for you. LOL

      • Derpy 11 months ago

        One thing mlb can do, attack the money. If you get caught using a PED, you lose your contract and can only sign one year deals for the remainder of your career.

        Or you could get even more extreme, players caught using peds can never get paid more then 5m in a season for the rest of their career.

        Or more extreme, get caught once and you’re banned from baseball forever.

        • Phillyfan425 11 months ago

          That’s something the players’ union would have to work out (at the very least, agree to). MLB can propose it all they want, but if the players’ union says no, nothing MLB can do.

          • Derpy 11 months ago

            Players will say yes to anything, they HATE ped users more than the fans do. I bet they would tie these guys down and beat them with socks full of rocks if they had the chance.

          • Phillyfan425 11 months ago

            Except if you live in the fear that something that a trainer gives you pops up on a list of banned substances (unbeknownst to you or your trainer). I believe that there are a few cases out there where the player truly didn’t know that what they were taking was illegal – so that’s something the union would have to consider.

            Publicly, I’m sure the large majority of the players are in outcry over PEDs. But privately, when you threaten their livelihood (money), they might not be so quick to get on board with it.

        • TanakaFlaka 11 months ago

          I have always liked the losing your contract(if team elects to do so)…and to avoid another team just offering the same contract or better make it so a team can only offer 75% of the original contract max…and the original team can match any offer. So no matter what the player loses 25% of his money.

          Problem is the player union would never agree to such things.

        • If that was the case, teams would “accidentally” give players PEDs to get out from under their contracts. I’m sure the Yankees would jump at the chance to have A-Rod’s contract wiped away for testing positive for PEDs under that system of penalties.

          • Derpy 11 months ago

            I don’t see why teams should have to protect and shelter PED users. If they get caught doing something explicitly against the rules, they should get severely punished for it. Players would most certainly think twice if using a PED meant they lost their livelihood. You think ARod would use at all and risk the hundreds of millions he was owed? How about Braun? Braun would lose probably 75% of his career earnings if users were reduced to 5m salaries. You could get rid of suspensions altogether and just go straight for the money.

            Just for example, if you automatically reduced all salaries to 5m and kept the contracts otherwise, Braun’s 5 year 105m extension that hasn’t even started yet would become 5 years, 25m extension. The last 22m he was owed on his current contract would drop to 10m. He would have lost 92m, or 72% of his total earnings. Do you think he would have risked that? Also, amusingly, since his salary is deferred, he would have only been paid 1m a year during his extension. Ryan Braun for 1m a year.

          • You missed the point of my post. Teams could have their trainers “accidentally” give players PEDs so as to get out from under their bad contracts. Yankees with A-Rod, Dodgers and their entire outfield, Phillies with Howard, etc. Suddenly, these albatross contracts don’t look nearly as bad.

            This potential for abuse is just one reason why players will never agree to a penalty like that.

          • Derpy 11 months ago

            You realize that it would be FRAUD to do that, right? As in, you go to prison time. You’re talking about committing criminal fraud to get out a contract. Yeah, I’m sure there are lots of frauds they could try to run to get out of a contract. Hey, maybe they could start a ponzi scheme, too, while they’re at it. If you’re going to start committing felonies, you may as well go all in, right?

          • Yankees were reportedly looking for every loophole in MLB to try to get out of A-Rod’s contract just a year ago. Not too hard to believe somebody would 2 and 2 together and try to push their players towards PEDs in an effort to get out from under their contracts. Not sure if you’ll remember Curt Schilling’s claims from a year ago? While MLB found them baseless claims when, unsurprisingly, everyone was hush on the matter; is it so hard to believe a team would put some pressure on a guy to do PEDs to ‘help the team.’

          • Derpy 11 months ago

            Player says “no.”

          • So we’re choosing to ignore that anyone in the world ever actively engages in any illegal/immoral activities…in an article about such activities. Nice.

          • Derpy 11 months ago

            If a team tries to force you to commit a crime, you pick up your phone and call the local newspaper. Better yet, call the FBI.

          • Because the GM is going to go around tackling players and forcefully injecting them with PEDs. I can tell this conversation is going absolutely nowhere so I’m just going to stop responding…wow.

          • Derpy 11 months ago

            You’re trying to tell me a baseball rule may not work because people might force other people to commit felonies. You’re basically saying MLB is organized crime. We already have laws that protect people from being forced to commit felonies, MLB doesn’t have to worry about that. The FBI has that under control.

        • NoAZPhilsPhan 11 months ago

          two words and an acronym…guaranteed contracts MLBPA

      • Rabbitov 11 months ago

        Sometimes the proof is in the results. If this many players keep popping up from outside evidence, testing methods probably are not as effective as they should be.

    • MB923 11 months ago

      Past and present I assume? Man this sport is becoming such a mess. Good luck to the next commish cause he’s going to need it.

    • Phillyfan425 11 months ago

      The people cheating are always ahead of the people trying to catch them. It’s not a baseball specific thing.

      • TanakaFlaka 11 months ago

        Maybe a poor example but I always think of video games when I think of PED use. And like you said they are always ahead…and if you catch them one way they find a new way to cheat. The world isn’t perfect and it never will be cheat free. All they can do is minimize it.

        • Phillyfan425 11 months ago

          Computer hackers are what come to my mind.

        • East Coast Bias 11 months ago

          It’s impossible to predict the crime before it happens. The cheaters will always be one step ahead.

          • frogbogg 11 months ago

            I saw a documentary called the Minority Report that proved the same. Riveting stuff.

    • NoAZPhilsPhan 11 months ago

      If the testing for hGH (that MLB had been asking for for years) and the biological passport and isotope ratio mass spectrometry (that they had also been asking for for years) had been in place, like they are now, the Biogenesis “clients” would have been caught. It wasn’t until Biogenesis that the MLBPA finally caved and agreed to those tests.

  27. هذا الرجل رهيبة الكبير خليل 11 months ago

    Carlos Gomez…V-Mart…..JD Martinez?

  28. Mike1L 11 months ago

    enough already. do we really need this?

    • WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 11 months ago

      Better this than sweeping it under the rug for another decade.

      • Mike1L 11 months ago

        with you completely on that. it was frustration at players who may still be on the bottle/needle

    • mstrchef13 11 months ago

      Yes, we do. All those players who were cheating and thought they got away with it need to be exposed. Every player who used needs to be exposed, even the ones on whatever each of our favorite teams is. I don’t want any Orioles to be on the list, but if there are any then it needs to be known.

      • Mike1L 11 months ago

        i agree–i’m expressing disgust at players who can’t stop despite the penalties

        • Phillyfan425 11 months ago

          The reward is so great (a bigger contract, more money) that it outweighs the risk that they may be caught or ruin their “name”. It probably doesn’t matter to them. If a very good, young player could juice, get his family an extra $10 M – life changing money for most people – he’d take that chance.

          I may not like that they cheat, but I understand a lot of the logic behind why someone would.

      • Lefty_Orioles_Fan 11 months ago

        Yeah, but why did the MLB wait till now to do this?
        Playoff run is happening.
        Trade Deadline just passed.
        I mean I want to punish the cheaters too, but doing it at the beginning of the season would have been best or heck even in June, so we all know what’s going on!!! I mean come on somebody had to know something.

        • NoAZPhilsPhan 11 months ago

          Because the names were discovered during the Fed investigation and MLB doesn’t even know them yet.

  29. MLB is a scam, now they are goin after specific teams they dont want in the playoffs, why else would they “release” the info now?

    • W.G 11 months ago

      Well from what Quinn is saying, MLB didn’t have these names previously. The new arrests have lead to new people being named, now it’s up to MLB to release them or not.

  30. docmilo5 11 months ago

    I think it’s all a farce. How in the world can the FBI run thru all the evidence and hand down suspensions before they use that evidence to prosecute? There is no way all this info should have ever ended up in the hands of MLB.

  31. Pegasus 11 months ago

    Jose Bautista anybody?

  32. bigbadjohnny 11 months ago

    LeBron James

  33. Billy Andrews 11 months ago


    • Oswald did not act alone 11 months ago


      C’mon, the guy was done at 36, hit a career low .271 and then, somehow at 38 he’s again hitting .330? I thought Colin Cowherd said players don’t get better with age. At least that’s what he’s said about Ortiz.

      Or Mo Riveria. Can you name a player who was more dominant at 40 than he was at 25?

      According to Cowherd we can no longer have great players past the age of 30.

      • When it comes to Cowherd and baseball he seems lost. I myself like listening to Cowherd as I like hearing him just flat out put his opinion out there (no matter that he pretty does play favorites to some people/teams), but Cowherd is also the same person who thinks the Dodgers should win the World Series every year just because they have Kershaw and pretty much picks his favorite teams in baseball to talk about based off if they are winning or not.

      • East Coast Bias 11 months ago

        Your name…

        And this post…

        Make perfect sense.

  34. Kyle 11 months ago

    I really hope there are no players from the Angels in this…

  35. The honorary McGwire/Bonds/Sosa/Clemens/Arod committee should police the bad guys

  36. ugotrpk3113 11 months ago

    I have a really bad feeling Ortiz is ending up on a list…

    • $3513744 11 months ago

      brendan ryan

    • Victoria Roberts 11 months ago

      The latest update uses the phrase “fairly significant” but not “major”. Both he and the other guy being mentioned would be major. The Tweet is pretty much saying neither of the guys that everyone wants to be on the list are on the list.

  37. FamousGrouse 11 months ago

    I wonder if teams knew this was coming and then traded players before the trade deadline. Seemed like more major leaguers were traded than the last few years.

  38. LouisDoench 11 months ago

    Yay! Begin the scurrilous character assassination of various baseball players based on faulty understandings of biology, chemistry, statistics or any semblance of a knowledge of baseball history.

  39. Ned L 11 months ago

    One thing we learned for sure throughout all of this is that the MLB drug testing doesn’t work.

    • Oswald did not act alone 11 months ago

      It did catch Braun, Melky, Montero and several others. It’s not that it doesn’t work. But it’s clear some players are ahead of the tests.

      • Bill Scripture 11 months ago

        Actually, I don’t think it caught any of them, they were caught by means other than MLBs drug testing program.

        • NoAZPhilsPhan 11 months ago

          Braun and Melky both tested positive for elevated testosterone to epistestosterone ratio (T:E ratio) because the didn’t follow the protocol Bosch laid out. hGH is not only a PED but when taken at precise times in relation to bio-identical T it reduces the T level in relation to E. The “trigger” for a failed test used to be a 4:1 ratio…anything higher than 4 was a fail. hGH artificially lowers that ratio. Now with Biological Passports (or longitudinal profiling system and it’s called in the JDA) allows for “tracking” of T:E ratios and variances will trigger a IRMS which will detect bio-identical T. They also do random IRMS tests. The only tougher testing is the WADA but not by much. More hGH tests are needed.

    • NoAZPhilsPhan 11 months ago

      I hope you realize that because of Biogenesis the MLBPA finally caved and the protocols like hGH blood tests, Biological Passports, Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry are all now being used…all the things that would have caught the Biogenesis clients.

    • northsfbay 11 months ago

      Baseball is like anything else. There will always be cheaters and some of them get caught. Some people can’t accept the fact that life is not fair.

  40. Oswald did not act alone 11 months ago

    The advert at the top of my page – on a story about Biogenesis related suspension – is of ryan Braun hocking sneakers

  41. Daniel Garner 11 months ago

    Please, Please, Please be Ryan Howard. Suspended games without pay would be just what the doctor ordered.

    • timpa 11 months ago

      Don’t they call them Performance Enhancing Drugs because they enhance performance? Howard doesn’t seem likely.

    • northsfbay 11 months ago

      The Phillies have to let the big contracts expire and come up with a farm system again.

  42. $2509879 11 months ago

    Big Papi, Bautista & Encarnacion…come on down, you’re the next contestants!

    • Ted 11 months ago

      I understand why people would say Bautista based on the statistics. I disagree that that is sufficient evidence, but I understand. However, I don’t see it with EE. For one thing, he only became elite, all-star material after the BioGenesis scandal erupted. For another, he ALWAYS had raw power even back in Cincinnati.

      • Bill Scripture 11 months ago

        I would guess it’s because no one believes in the drug testing program.

  43. Mike1L 11 months ago

    Well, they said “significant but not major” which would rule out the top stars, presumably. And, if MLB has any control over it, I would be very surprised to see any of the names made public before the end of the post season. They don’t need the distraction. But, the key is also that the end of the WS begins the exclusive bargaining period for FA plus the choices on whether to offer QO, so I also wonder of MLB will not privately let owners/MLBPA the results in advance so teams and players can be prepared.

    • start_wearing_purple 11 months ago

      My guess, teams already know or have a fairly good idea who is on the list. As for the MLBPA, I’d bet after the story of Biogenesis broke Tony Clark was on the phone for a long time with various players and agents asking about their options.

      • NoAZPhilsPhan 11 months ago

        Once MLB has the names as well as the documents of proof they purchased and decide to charge the players the have 72 hours to notify the players and MLBPA

  44. KINGMOJO 11 months ago

    Anyone think nelson cruz is a repeat offender? He is having a career year after serving his suspension.

    • orangeoctober 11 months ago

      I don’t think any of the players that got suspended for Biogenesis previously are going to be again for Biogenesis. It was shut down, so it’s not like they could have gotten steroids through Biogenesis since then or anything. I’m figuring it’s new names.

  45. Operation Shutdown 11 months ago

    it pays to cheat in MLB. cheat. do your 50 games. come back. sign a huge contract. all is forgiven. what a joke.

  46. robert5467890 11 months ago

    this had been going on since 1970 and nothing was done in that time span from that time on maybe even earlier tom harvey goes on to say there was nothing unethical when technically there was something ethical wrong doing all together in all of this who is he trying to kid illegal is illegal.

  47. Mark Kelevara 11 months ago

    Maybe just one all star player, you know, to spice things up.

  48. Baloo 11 months ago

    That’s my thinking too. It’s going to be more of the Jesus Monteros of the MLB.

  49. Big Giant Head 11 months ago

    Puig??? He kinda came after all this.

  50. Mark Kelevara 11 months ago

    You never know, Ryan Braun was on that list last year & he definitely isn’t Hispanic. Although I’m sure he loves eating tacos & mariachi music, but that alone doesn’t cut it.

    But I agree, Chris Davis doesn’t peg me as a PEDs type of guy. More of a gains + lift = life, type of guy.

  51. Criznit 11 months ago

    Nah – this is a “rumors” site.

  52. Victoria Roberts 11 months ago

    Pretty sure it’s not a slander site though.

  53. Karkat 11 months ago

    Rumors are usually “I heard…” not “I think…”

  54. Mike 11 months ago

    Well, he still could have used them while in the minors. I don’t know what kind of numbers he had down there though., I don’t like him for his cockiness that he hasn’t earned yet, but I highly doubt he’s part of this.

  55. shysox 11 months ago

    Not sure if MLBTR commenters would constitute slander.

  56. jb226 11 months ago

    Slander in the United States requires that the statement be knowingly false, not simply that you don’t have evidence to support it.

  57. Vmmercan 11 months ago

    It’s definitely not a slander site since nobody is physically talking to someone else. Libel site, maybe.

  58. wordsense 11 months ago

    No, because power spike coupled with obvious ‘roid rages on the field.

  59. wordsense 11 months ago

    I’m not condemning the man, or PEDs for that matter. PEDs saved baseball in the ’90s. And this is all just my opinion. Also, increased testosterone does not equate passion.

  60. Victoria Roberts 11 months ago

    You’re unlikely to be sued, but it doesn’t exactly paint you in the best light.

  61. sunshipballoons 11 months ago

    Well, it’s not slander, because that’s defamation through speech. But it would be a basis for a libel suit.

  62. seabee95 11 months ago

    You don’t like him because he is uber talented and he knows it? I just came back from Cuba on the 12th of July, let me tell you they have no idea how bad they have it there. I would cut the guy some slack since he played the game for $25/month and ration cards for groceries. He played the game cause he loves it.

  63. DodgerBlue83 11 months ago

    He wasn’t in the minors very long, only a combined three months or so. Plus the minors have a more stringent drug testing policy, so its not very likely.

  64. MB923 11 months ago

    Colby Lewis?

  65. DickieThong 11 months ago

    Ryan Howard?

  66. DickieThong 11 months ago


  67. Dynasty22 11 months ago

    Sidd Finch?

  68. Plenty of players make their money in the postseason.

  69. rct 11 months ago

    Von Hayes????

  70. DickieThong 11 months ago

    Wes Chamberlain?

  71. Wek 11 months ago

    That 168mph fast ball is abnormal.

  72. MB923 11 months ago

    Henry Rowengartner?

  73. ImperialStout 11 months ago

    It also requires it to be spoken and not written, like libel.

  74. Cobby_Box 11 months ago

    It depends on who the plaintiff and the defendant are for what is necessary to constitute defamation (which encompasses slander and libel), but even when it requires the legal term of “Actual Malice” that means “With knowledge of its falsity or with reckless disregard for its truth.” So sort of, but not really.

  75. sunshipballoons 11 months ago

    That is true here because the libel (it’s not slander because it’s written) is about a public figure. Where it’s about a private figure, that is not the law.

  76. Dynasty22 11 months ago

    Just searched the name. Believe it or not, I’ve never heard of that movie until you mentioned it.

  77. wordsense 11 months ago

    That’s a different kind of passion altogether.

  78. Jaysfan1994 11 months ago

    He’s going to blame it on tainted protein from the Dominican Republic and make sure media never mentions it again.

  79. Easier to throw around unfounded rumors than take a minute to google “Carlos Gomez changed approach” and read the first article that talks about how he abandoned the “put the ball on the ground and run” approach for the power hitter he always felt he was (which was more in line with his flamboyant personality that similar country-mates have brought to MLB)?

  80. jb226 11 months ago

    My brain surgeon isn’t an athlete competing against other brain surgeons.

    Baseball is a sport. Sport is about competition — not about chemical advantages and who hides their cheating the best.

  81. NoAZPhilsPhan 11 months ago

    So, those players who do not want to risk the health consequences, and there are plenty, get “punished” with lower salaries because some players don’t care? That’s brilliant. Never mind the fact that PED’s are Schedule III controlled substances and can only be legally prescribed for certain ailments. Let’s just change the laws for entertainment purposes….. get real.

  82. Ron Loreski 11 months ago

    BJ Upton is still getting paid for his 2008 playoff performance.

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