Thursday Morning Reading

Barry Zito makes a peculiar trade demand.

Sign a petition to put an end to the new Mets song…

23 year-old Cubs prospect Carlos Marmol has the best ERA in the Southern League (0.52 through 17 innings).  Perhaps that’s why no one discusses his past transgressions.

I think it would be awesome if an MLBTradeRumors reader could come up with the new name for Dan Haren‘s new blog.  Right now it’s called Haren’s Heat…c’mon now, that’s even lamer than "Roto Authority."  I know there a few clever readers out there.  If we can name Danny’s blog, maybe he’ll pass us some sweet Zito rumors or at least some LOST rumors.

UPDATE:  So far the best submission to rename the blog:  Haren’s Harem, by my friend Jonathan.  Danny probably has a harem, right?  I know I do.

What’s with this new trend of calling Travis Hafner Papi’s equal this year?  Any forecaster worth his salt would’ve busted out that declaration before the season.

I told you the Sox were pissed about this… 

SportsBlah makes a plea to managers.

Ugly Ex-Cubs…a history lesson.

A blog dedicated entirely to Dodgers pitcher Yhency Brazoban.  With Yhency on the shelf for the season, I’m not sure if this guy has a reason to get up in the morning.

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