Bonds Deal Complete

According to the AP, Barry Bonds has officially signed with the Giants for one year and $15.8MM. We can finally get on with our lives.  Bonds can earn another $4.2MM through playing time incentives.

San Francisco’s lineup should look something like this (PECOTA projections follow):

1. Dave Roberts (CF) – .295/.365/.407
2. Omar Vizquel (SS) – .288/.354/.403
3. Rich Aurilia/Ryan Klesko (1B) – .277/.335/.440 and .266/.373/.418
4. Barry Bonds (LF) – .267/.441/.535
5. Ray Durham (2B) – .304/.373/.500
6. Pedro Feliz (3B) – .262/.312/.442
7. Bengie Molina (C) – .278/.323/.433
8. Randy Winn (RF) – .298/.355/.444

The Giants sure wouldn’t mind to see Winn bounce back to that level. Overall, the offense should be OK when healthy.  The Giants are below average at the infield corners but above average elsewhere.

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