Cubs Looking For Middle Infielder

According to Ken Rosenthal, the Cubs are trying to acquire another middle infielder so that they can play Mark DeRosa and Ryan Theriot simultaneously.  I’m not a big believer in Theriot’s offense, but preventing Jacque Jones from facing lefties is long overdue.

This may be related to the vague rumor I mentioned yesterday, that the Cubs had a scout at a recent Jays/Braves game.  Just a guess, but maybe the Cubs have their eye on 23 year-old second baseman Martin Prado?  I don’t know – neither of these teams is stocked with middle infield depth.  Why not just use Eric Patterson?

UPDATE: An astute reader pointed out that Yunel Escobar is the most likely middle infielder on the Braves to be dealt.  Many teams have expressed interest in him, and it makes sense that the Cubs would be one of them.

UPDATE 2: David O’Brien mentioned in his AJC blog today:

"Talked to a scout before the game who had spoken with a Cubs official this week and heard they (Cubs) are looking for a utility man. Chris Woodward’s name was mentioned, but I don’t know whether the Braves are considering moving him or not."

So, Woodward.  Nothing too exciting but at least we can put the crazier rumors to bed. 

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