Cards Won’t Reacquire Weaver

While previous reports indicated the Cardinals had interest in Mariners starter Jeff Weaver, Cards GM Walt Jocketty firmly debunked the rumor when asked by Bill Shaikin of the L.A. Times.  Jocketty seems mildly bitter about Weaver’s decision, and won’t give him a second chance.

Weaver currently sports a 14.32 ERA in six starts for the Mariners, and he’s on the DL for shoulder tendinitis.  That’s historically bad.  Worst ever performance (six start minimum) belongs to Jaret Wright in 2002 (15.71 ERA).  Hayden Penn comes next with a 15.10 ERA in six starts last year, and then Weaver’s ’07.  Worst performance with a ten start minimum: Roy Halladay in 2000 with a 10.64 ERA in 13 starts. 

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