More Of Gagne’s List Revealed

We keep learning bits and pieces of Eric Gagne‘s 12-team allowable trade list; it’d be nice if someone would just leak the entire thing.  The latest:

Gagne can be traded to the Yankees, Mets, Angels, and nine other clubs without his consent.

If Gagne is to be traded to the Tigers, Indians, Phillies, Red Sox, or thirteen other unknown clubs, he must consent.  That means additional concessions on the part of the acquiring team.

Rob Bradford’s recent post added the Red Sox to the latter list.  While Gagne nonetheless seems keen to the idea of pitching in Boston, he sounds a little wary of being demoted to a set-up role.  He and Jon Papelbon would be a lights-out late inning combination, either way.  The Red Sox were in on Gagne this offseason, and he’s proven his health with the Rangers recently. 

T.R. Sullivan mentioned yesterday that the Diamondbacks, Cubs, Red Sox, and Yankees are the top suitors for Gagne.  He seems a near-lock to be dealt in July. 

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