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Time for another Rosenthal column!  Some of this is just a writeup from his recent video; here’s the new stuff.

  • A little elaboration on the Adam Dunn to San Diego idea – Rosenthal throws Clay Hensley‘s name into the mix.  Hensley has had a rough couple of months, with a nasty blister, a groin strain, and some awful starts.  His 54% groundball rate would be a nice fit in Chicago or Cincinnati.  Another player I could see catching Wayne Krivsky’s eye is Cla Meredith.
  • The Cubs continue to shop Jacque Jones, hoping to slide Felix Pie in every day.  Pie is ready for the show, but the Cubs would like something to show for Jones.  He is earning $4MM this year and $5MM in ’08.  It looked like a bargain after Jones hit .285/.334/.499 last year, but he’s tanked in the Cubs’ crowded outfield.  He could fit well with the Padres, a team that doesn’t hit lefties or righties.  Jones normally just struggles with lefties.  Jacque was born in San Diego, too.  Kevin Towers and Jim Hendry matched up for a couple of smaller deals last summer with Todd Walker and Scott Williamson.
  • Mike Lowell may leave Boston after this season as a free agent.  He’s easily the best affordable 3B on the market.  Perhaps the Yankees want him back.  Other possibilities include the Dodgers, Giants, Angels, Phillies, and Astros according to Rosenthal.  Hard to believe Lowell is so popular and successful after he was a throw-in forced upon the Red Sox in the Josh Beckett deal.
  • Eric Byrnes is probably headed out of Arizona, and he’d be a valuable center field addition who won’t break the bank.  He’ll be 32 in ’08, and on a reasonable three-year deal could be a better value than Ichiro, Torii, or Andruw.  Wouldn’t be surprised to see the White Sox get involved.

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