Rosenthal’s Latest Video: Pudge, Bedard, Burrell

Ken Rosenthal has a new video up; check it out.  Some highlights:

  • Back in April, I made predictions of whether various club options will be exercised for 2008.  My opinion on many of the option decisions has changed since then.  One example is Ivan Rodriguez.  At the time I said his defense and power would justify the $10MM difference between his $13MM option and $3MM buyout.  Currently, Pudge is hitting for his usual decent average but has drawn just five walks in 379 plate appearances.  Rosenthal believes the Tigers might opt for the buyout, especially if Rodriguez tails off as the season wears on.  Maybe so, but at effectively one year, $10MM, they might still go for it.  The other options are limited. 
  • The Orioles’ #1 priority for the offseason is to sign ace Erik Bedard to a long-term contract extension.  But if the two parties aren’t in the same ballpark, they could exact a king’s ransom in a trade.  As I said before, Bedard could be a $20MM+ pitcher if he stays on course through the 2009 season.
  • Pat Burrell cleared waivers, but the Phillies have no intention of trading him given the way he’s been hitting.  Burrell has an absurd .392/.519/.725 line since July 1.  No one has been better in OBP over that time period, and only Hanley Ramirez has a better SLG.  Anyway, I’ve updated the list of players who have cleared waivers.

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