Blue Jays, Stairs Talking Extension

39 year-old 1B/LF/RF Matt Stairs is having a remarkable year – he’s hitting .310/.385/.591 in 303 ABs for the Blue Jays.  Granted, he’s been sitting against lefties most of the time, but he’s still been the Jays’ second-most valuable offensive player behind Alex Rios.  And he’s earning less than a million bucks this year.

Stairs, a Canada native, would like to return for 2008.  According to the Toronto Star, talks have begun.  It definitely makes sense to keep him around for $2-3MM.  He can help out at both outfield corners, first base, and DH.  Bringing Stairs back for ’08 might encourage the Jays to non-tender Reed Johnson, a possibility mentioned in the team’s Needs and Luxuries post.

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