Mariners Searching For Starters

John Hickey has an update on the Mariners’ starting pitching targets.  The options look grim.

As far as trade targets, there’s always Johan Santana and Dontrelle Willis.  The Mariners have long had their eye on Dontrelle, so maybe they’d offer a Wladimir Balentien/Jeff Clement package.

Carlos Silva might be on the radar, but Hickey says the vibe is that he could get north of $12MM per season.  A better deal might be Hiroki Kuroda, who is estimated to earn $7-9MM annually by Hickey.  The Mariners may have the edge on Kuroda because of their location and Japanese catcher.  I keep reading that Kuroda throws in the mid-90s…forgive me if I’m skeptical. 

Hickey notes that Bartolo Colon might also be on the radar, and implies that they could pick up Carl Pavano on a whim if he’s released.

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