Royals Interested In Guillen, Jenkins, Hunter

I was waiting for someone to name a few players of interest to the Royals, and Bob Dutton came through tonight with some names.

Specifically, the team is after a run-producer, ideally a right-handed hitter.  That puts Jose Guillen atop their list.  Dayton Moore might need to go a little north of three years, $30MM to get him.

Failing that, the left-handed hitting Geoff Jenkins is on the radar.  He’d probably go for a one-year, $6-7MM contract in my estimation.

Dutton notes that the Royals have interest in Torii Hunter, but he’s likely to be priced out of their range.

Dutton also hints that Sammy Sosa could be a consideration for the Royals, as he does have pop if nothing else.  They are one of a handful of teams with an open DH spot. 

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