Giants Discuss Hideki Matsui, Reds Like Rios

UPDATE, 12-6-07 at 1:38pm: Abraham has more than a no comment now – he confirms that the Yankees and Giants have discussed Matsui.  Abraham speculates that Noah Lowry could make sense.

UPDATE, 12-6-07 at 12:29pm: Peter Abraham got a "no comment" from Cashman  on Matsui.  Abraham implies that the no comment could be telling.  Abraham also adds that Matsui has said he would waive his no-trade clause.

FROM 12-6-07 at 10:31am:

Good stuff from the Toronto Sun’s Bob Elliott today.

  • Just a small blurb from Elliott – the Giants and Yanks have discussed Hideki Matsui.  Elliott notes that Matsui has a full no-trade clause.  He makes $13MM in each of the 2008 and ’09 seasons.  On November 8th, Ken Davidoff noted that the Yanks would prefer to move Matsui over Johnny Damon.  He added that it could be embarrassing for Matsui to leave New York.
  • Elliott also said the Reds are interested in Alex Rios.  If the Giants are pondering sending Tim Lincecum to the Jays for him, I imagine the Reds would have to counter with Homer Bailey.  Bailey, however, is less proven than Lincecum. 

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