Padres Leading For Prior, Rangers Out

UPDATE, 12-21-07 at 11:02am: The Rangers took a look at Prior’s meds, and they are "completely out" on him according to T.R. Sullivan.  Rosenthal had said they were aggressively pursuing him.

FROM 12-21-07 at 9:55am:

Yesterday we outlined the 14 teams involved in the Mark Prior Derby.  Last night, Buster Olney provided an update to the situation.

Olney’s article was published around 8:15pm CST, and he said Prior may choose his new team within 24-48 hours.  So perhaps we will know by Saturday evening.

According to Olney, the Padres "appear to be the frontrunner."  They’ve apparently offered Prior a package heavy in incentives, and of course they have the draw of being near his home.  Olney does believe one of the other dozen or so teams could jump in and get Prior with an aggressive offer, though.  The Astros seem to be a good possibility.

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