Phillies Rumors: Rowand, Benson, Colon, Reyes, Tavarez

A few articles on the Phillies have surfaced this morning; let’s see what’s cooking on the hot stove.

  • The Phils would pay extra to get Aaron Rowand to take a three-year deal.  Jim Salisbury quotes Rowand’s agent as saying ten clubs are after him.  Salisbury names the usual suspects but throws in the Twins, Royals, Rangers, and Orioles depending on the term.
  • Todd Zolecki confirms the Phillies’ interest in Kris Benson.  He’ll be throwing for teams a few weeks from now.
  • The Phils like Benson best among the rehab project group, now that Randy Wolf is signed.  They’ve also contacted Bartolo Colon‘s agent and may be in on Jason Jennings.  Zolecki also names Anthony Reyes and Julian Tavarez as two possible trade targets.
  • Despite what was said yesterday, Zolecki says Livan Hernandez is not high on Pat Gillick’s list.  They remain in the mix for Hiroki Kuroda

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