Rosenthal’s Latest: Santana, Fuentes, Heilman

The execs may be on a plane home right now, but the writers are still filing all sorts of rumors.  Here’s Ken Rosenthal’s latest piece.

  • Rosenthal says the Mets did not talk to the Twins about Johan Santana today, which is surprising.  But they did talk earlier this week, at which point the Twins gave the Mets a list of players they liked.  The Mets were fine with everyone on the list, which probably included Carlos Gomez and Mike Pelfrey.  Rosenthal adds that the Mets are the only NL team firmly in the mix for Santana, and shipping him to the other league might be a factor for the Twins.
  • The Giants turned down an offer of Delmon Young for Tim Lincecum before Young was sent to the Twins.  This leaves skepticism that the Giants will accept three years of Alex Rios after turning down five of Young.
  • The Mets made a straight up offer of Aaron Heilman for Brian Fuentes.  As far as I can tell Heilman doesn’t reach free agency until after the 2010 season, so the Rockies would be doing pretty well here.  Plus, they could plug him into the rotation.  Oddly the dealbreaker was the Rox asking for Scott Schoeneweis as well.  I thought the 34 year-old had negative trade value.  Rosenthal adds that the Tribe took a glance at Fuentes as well.
  • The Rox offered Jamey Carroll for Josh Barfield, which is pretty lopsided even with the year Barfield had.  Of course the Indians declined.

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