Bedard Trade Unlikely

According to the AP, the chances of the Mariners trading Erik Bedard are slim.  Bedard is currently on the DL with a shoulder injury.  At best, he’ll be able to make one start before the trade deadline.

The AP notes that players on the disabled list can only be traded with commissioner approval.  I asked ESPN’s Keith Law about this today; he told me all trades are subject to commissioner approval.  So Bedard’s DL status isn’t technically an issue, but his health is obviously crucial to any suitor.  The Mariners can always take their time getting Bedard healthy and shop him in the winter.

Though nothing is cooking on the A.J. Burnett front, he seems to be the best remaining semi-available starter.  Randy Wolf, Greg Maddux, and Justin Duchscherer are other interesting names to watch.

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