Heyman’s Latest: Yankees, Manny, Bowden, Pudge

SI.com’s Jon Heyman has a new column up.

  • Given Richie Sexson‘s expected part-time role, the Yankees are in the market for an everyday outfielder to replace Hideki Matsui‘s bat.  Barry Bonds is not under consideration.  Heyman tosses out names such as Matt Holliday, Xavier Nady, Jason Bay, and Adam Dunn, while noting that the price on most is too high (the Pirates deny this).
  • Heyman is still saying the Cardinals will consider trading Colby Rasmus, despite various denials.
  • The Yanks are also looking to add a #3-4 starter type.  Here’s a look at the market.
  • Manny Ramirez probably isn’t going to get what he wants – free agency, an extension, or a trade. 
  • The Nationals are supporting GM Jim Bowden despite his recent problems.  Heyman reported rumblings last month that Bowden "could be in trouble."
  • Despite the Marlins’ interest, the Tigers are unlikely to trade Ivan RodriguezJon Paul Morosi agrees, while noting that Pudge’s salary might be too high for Florida anyway.

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