Rockies Acquire Livan Hernandez

9:52pm: ESPN’s Peter Gammons has a blog post contradicting a piece of info from Ringolsby.  Gammons says the Mets did not put in a waiver claim on Hernandez.  They prefer in-house options.

4:04pm: Ken Rosenthal says Livan is now officially a Rockie.  The Rockies will pay the rest of his contract.  August is a fine time for teams to unload millions owed to mediocre veteran pitchers.

WEDNESDAY, 9:52am: Some additional information from Tracy Ringolsby of the Rocky Mountain News: the Rockies will make a waiver claim on Josh Fogg in the unlikely event the Twins pull Hernandez back.  The Twins might be trying to wrangle a player out of the Rockies in addition to the salary relief.

Ringoslby says the Mets and possibly the Cardinals also made claims on Hernandez.

TUESDAY: According to Ken Rosenthal, the Rockies won their waiver claim on Livan Hernandez.  Apparently the Rox beat out another NL team with a better record.  Apparently no American League team put in a claim.

At the least, the Twins will dump off Hernandez just to be free of his contract.  At most, they might be able to snag some kind of fringe prospect.  Hernandez is owed another $1.5MM, plus incentives.

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