Impacto Deportivo Manny Report

5:02pm: Hal Steinbrenner denies the report as well, says Kat O’Brien.  She says no offer is on the table for Manny.  Interestingly, O’Brien said she’s heard the names Pat Burrell and Jason Giambi mentioned for the Yankees.

3:34pm: Impactivo Deportivo sticks to its guns despite the Cashman denial.

MONDAY, 8:27am:’s Bryan Hoch asked Yankees GM Brian Cashman about this report.  Cashman responded: "Not true."

SUNDAY, 10:53pm: According to a report in the Dominican newspaper Impacto Deportivo, the Yankees are on the verge of signing Manny Ramirez to a three-year, $75MM deal.  The report says negotiations are advanced and an announcement would take place Monday or Tuesday.  If true, this would be an incredible scoop.  However, there is reason for skepticism.  The money and timing just don’t seem right. 

A look at Impacto Deportivo’s recent history:

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