Trade Candidates: Middle Infielders

The Mets, Reds, Cardinals, Twins, Cubs, Brewers and Giants could all potentially look for middle infield help. Here are some trade candidates, listed from largest 2009 salary to smallest:

  • Miguel Tejada – His $13MM salary would be too much for some teams if the Astros made him available, but his 32 extra base hits and low strikeout numbers sure look good.
  • Julio Lugo – He makes $9MM this year and the same amount next year, so the Red Sox would presumably take on salary in any deal. The 33-year-old is hitting .370 since the beginning of June.
  • Cristian Guzman – At $8MM this year and next he's not cheap, but he's consistently hit for a high average in recent years.
  • Jack Wilson – He makes $7.25MM this year and his team will have to buy him out for $600k to avoid paying him even more in 2010. However, he's a good defender who puts the ball in play and has doubles power.
  • Freddy Sanchez – He'll make over $6MM this year and his 2010 option for $8MM will likely vest. It's a lot of money, but the former batting titlist is a better hitter than most middle infield trade candidates.
  • Dan Uggla The most powerful option available may not be available, after all. The Marlins are in it, so they may keep Uggla and his $3.5MM salary.
  • Orlando Cabrera – He's posted a .610 OPS this year and he'll make $4MM- not an enticing combination, but the A's are falling far out of the race.
  • Felipe Lopez – At just $3.5MM, his .771 OPS looks good, in spite of the big strikeout total.  
  • Jamey Carroll - As a free agent-to-be on the Indians, he's a candidate to be moved. The 35-year-old has a .735 OPS to go along with his $2.5MM salary.  
  • Cesar Izturis – He'll earn $2.4MM this year and $2.6MM in 2010. He's on the DL, recovering from an apendectomy, and his slow recovery is making it less likely that he'll be traded.
  • Yuniesky Betancourt – His $2MM salary is deceptive, as he's still guaranteed about $10MM before his deal expires. That figure, plus his .609 OPS mean he'll likely be staying put, but he could be had. 
  • John McDonald – He's barely played at all for the Jays, but McDonald, who makes $1.9MM,  could work for a team looking for a defensive specialist. 
  • Yunel Escobar – He makes just $425k this year and Buster Olney says the Braves would consider dealing him for a bat.
  • Blake DeWitt – The Dodgers have Orlando Hudson playing second base, so DeWitt could be expendable. He's making just $405k, but his Triple A numbers are uninspired.
  • Adam Kennedy – The A's are just paying Kennedy the major league minimum and he's produced an OPS approaching .800 for them. 

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