Rangers GM On Byrd, Pudge, Scheppers

Rangers GM Jon Daniels said in a chat hosted by the Dallas Morning News that he's focusing on this year because the Rangers haven't set their budget for 2010 yet. Here are the details and the rest of the rumors:

  • Not surprisingly, the Rangers aren't looking to trade away any of their veterans before the end of the month.
  • Ideally, Daniels would like to have Marlon Byrd back next year.
  • The Rangers acquired Ivan Rodriguez to win now, but they're open to bringing him back for another year.
  • Daniels estimates that 75% of all players appear on trade waivers at some point in August.
  • Daniels gets the sense that there have been more waiver claims than usual this year, despite suggestions that more players would clear because of a general reluctance to spend.
  • The GM would prefer not to see a worldwide draft, in part because he believes the Rangers have established a competitive advantage in Latin America.
  • The Rangers are still talking with Tanner Scheppers and his agent. The Rangers have until next year's draft to sign Scheppers.

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