Tejada Wants To Return To Astros In 2010

Miguel Tejada told Richard Justice of the Houston Chronicle that he'd like to re-sign with the Astros when he becomes a free agent after the season. He repeated that he would move to third base if it meant returning to Houston.

"I would love to stay here," Tejada said. "It's a place I feel really comfortable, and I think I could win here."

Justice calls Tejada an "absolute perfect teammate and leader," but his offensive skills are no longer MVP-caliber, or even close. As BP's Christina Kahrl notes at ESPN.com, you can probably expect production in the .290/.325/.420 range next year, with 15 homers and below-average defense. Solid numbers, but not the kind of projection that will have teams lining up to offer Tejada more than the $13MM he made this year.

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