Arangure On Perez, Mateo, Sano, Chapman's Jorge Arangure Jr. has the latest on a number of international prospects:

  • Felix Perez, who was suspended for a year after lying about his age, has been reinstated by MLB. The 24-year-old outfielder is eager to sign with an MLB team, though he won't receive a bonus worth as much as the $3.5MM the Yankees were prepared to hand over when they thought he was 20.
  • Wagner Mateo may be close to signing with the Giants, as Arangure said earlier in the week.
  • Pitcher Noel Arguelles is looking less impressive than he used to.
  • Miguel Angel Sano has a visa, so he's closer to beginning his career in the States.
  • Aroldis Chapman will meet with the Yankees eventually. For now, the Cuban lefty wants to see Yankee Stadium – as a fan.

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