Bowden Interviews Rizzo

Those hoping for drama might be disappointed upon reading the transcript of Jim Bowden's interview with his Nationals GM successor Mike Rizzo.  Still, a few hot stove nuggets emerged from the XM Radio program, which Bowden co-hosted with Seth Everett.  Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post has the details.

  • Rizzo thinks the Nationals will eventually be able to compete for top free agents "once the revenues catch up with the city."  In his defense, they've had some sizeable offers rejected over the last few years.
  • Rizzo said he's talked to the agents for Orlando Hudson and Orlando Cabrera, among others, as the team seeks to improve defensively.  Rizzo described his rotation as "kind of a pitch-to-contact group."  Rotation locks Jason Marquis and John Lannan certainly fit that mold.
  • The Nationals were close on a couple of deals for Josh Willingham, Rizzo indicated.  The Nats GM would consider a trade for a young starter, but is in "no hurry to trade Willingham."

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4 Comments on "Bowden Interviews Rizzo"

5 years 7 months ago

Josh Willingham – Jeff Neimann?

5 years 7 months ago

Neimann is so much better and almost won the ROY, and he pitched in the AL East. He is under control for like 5 more seasons comparred to Willinghams 2.

5 years 7 months ago

We Nats fans are really hopng that the move from Bowden to Rizzo signals the boundary between broken franchise and healthy franchise. Bowden was the last remnant of MLB’s criminal neglect of the Montreal/Washington franchise, and excising all of the cancer connected with that should at the very least improve luck, karma or feng shui.

Rizzo could make the break so much more apparent if he could sign one of the few decent FA pitchers left, along with finally convincing Orlando Hudson to join the fold. The idea that none but the wretched refuse would be willing to come to DC (and that does not define this year’s signings so far) is one to completely exorcise for the healthy future of the club.

Positively Half St.

5 years 7 months ago

The interview was cool and Bowden was his usaul affable self but, Seth Everett is just insufferable in any dosage. The guy is so obviously anti-yankee, the transparency of his veiled diggs is pathetic. He’s especially got issues with A-Rod. Yet, I digress. Seth makes bold suppositions about things he just doesn’t seem qualified for and is a general know it all who also has a terrible radio voice. The guy is so unbelievable at times its laughable…..just can’t buy his garbage! Get him off the air….please!