Giants Offer Three-Year Deal To Lincecum

The Giants offered a three-year, $37MM deal to Tim Lincecum, reports John Shea and Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle.  Specifically it'd pay $9.5MM in '10, $12.5MM in '11, and $15MM in '12, buying out three of Lincecum's four arbitration years.  Shea says Lincecum's agent Rick Thurman "countered with a proposal north of $40 million."  Plus, Thurman wants the first-year salary within a multiyear deal to be close to the $13MM figure they submitted.  You have to imagine he'd at least want to top Ryan Howard's first-year arbitration figure of $10MM.

Giants assistant GM Bobby Evans told Shea talks are ongoing, though the sides have not spoken in 72 hours.  Shea says "such a lapse in negotiations isn't unusual."  If no deal is reached prior, a hearing will be held tomorrow where Lincecum's 2010 salary will be decided at $8MM or $13MM by a three-person panel.

As you know, there's no comparable for Lincecum whether we're talking about his first arbitration year or a multiyear deal.  Felix Hernandez and Justin Verlander are not Super Two players and signed extensions after their first arbitration years.  But both received about $20-23MM for their first three arbitration years.

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