Odds & Ends: Tigers, Branyan, Indians, Beckett

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  1. R_y_a_n 5 years ago

    A possible Juan Gonzalez comeback?

    That’d be fun.

    • Guest 5 years ago

      If a team signs Juan Gone…Barry Bonds deserves the chance that he wants.

  2. Guest 5 years ago

    I haven’t looked at the top 50 amateurs list because Keith Law doesn’t let people look at his stuff who don’t pay money to be insiders. But some players who come to mind that nobody is really talking about are…

    Deandre Smelter
    Kaleb Cowart
    Austin Wilson
    James Paxton
    Christian Colon

    DeAndre Smelter is going to be a really good pitcher I think. Has really good stuff and control. I don’t think he is going to go top 10 due to some make up issues, delivery problems, and size. But the teams from 11-20 (Blue Jays, Reds, White Sox, Brewers, Rangers, Cubs, Rays, Angels, Astros respectively) could really be drafting a pitcher who could turn out to have a great career. He’s not so much a power pitcher but hits his spots and is still very very young.

    • InTheKZone 5 years ago

      The more I see Colon pop up, the more I like him

      • Guest 5 years ago

        He’s a Cal state fullerton stand out who has a nice bat and a good glove. He is the kind of player that could help any team win. He projects to be kind of like Barry Larkin.

    • putzoo 5 years ago

      Why would anybody pay to read Keith Law. The guy is a BS artist and a Red Sox shill.

  3. Joey 5 years ago

    Andres Galarraga is coming to camp to mentor and instruct Cabrera specifically. They played together on the Venezuelan team in last years WBC.

  4. I think Branyan is being kind of a dummy about this. What club has a DH spot open? He could work into a great platoon with the Rays. If Branyan wants a full time job at 1B or DH, I just don’t see where it is. Everyone else in the AL East is set. The AL West is stocked up. AL Central has no openings unless Cleveland wants to waste money on a lost season or the Royals want to eat lots of money for a minor upgrade at DH. NL East has the Mets and the Braves who could be improved with Branyan, but he’d have to fight for playing time at either. NL Central has only the Pirates, NL west has no open 1B.

    So we have four categories of theoretically interested teams:
    1. Probably platoons: Rays
    2. Competitions: Mets, Braves
    3. Overpaid incumbents: Royals (bumping Guillen)
    4. Lost seasons, saving payroll: Indians, Pirates

    I don’t see any team there, barring the Pirates, with significant playing time assurance. And that would hinge on them playing Garrett in the OF. I might make an argument that the Braves would have been better off with Branyan at the right price, but they already signed Glaus so they have no assurances.

    I just don’t see any team that can assure better playing time than the Rays. So what gives?

    • I’m seeing reports now that Branyan has a prelim agreement with the Indians? Any truth to those?

    • alphabet_soup5 5 years ago

      If I were him I also would’ve chosen the Rays if a DH platoon was guaranteed. However you have to admit, if he performs like he did last season he will stand out on the Indians more than he would stand out on the Rays. He’ll see time at 1B and DH in Cleveland, although they are hopeful he can play other positions as well. I predict he’ll sign with Cleveland, hit for some power, and be traded to a contender at the deadline.

      • I guess it depends a lot on Hafner. If Hafner is awful again, Branyan has a full time job. But the Indians still need to play Hafner to see if they can get any of their investment back. If Hafner hits well, Branyan could see less playing time than he would have for the Rays and with no playoff chances. I don’t see Branyan as a guy who is going to play many other positions than 1B or DH though. If anything, this might mean that LaPorta will be roaming the OF a bit more.

        A curious move, but kudos to the Indians for picking him up affordably. If he or Hafner is playing well by the deadline, maybe they can work out a trade.

  5. Guest 5 years ago

    Yeah he is awesome.

    Actually to be honest, I’m a Yankees fan. I’m a huge
    Baseball fan.

  6. Guest 5 years ago

    Oh gotcha. Yeah a couple months ago I was in LA. I needed to go see Dodger Stadium and Angel Stadium in Anaheim. Don’t worry, I love Dodger Stadium just as much!

    I really think Colon has a chance to make an impact as early as 2011. He is a solid shortstop with quick hands. I could see the Astros picking him at number 8 or the Padres at 9. The key high school pitcher in the draft is Taillon but my guy is Deandre Smelter.

    To make a Dodger comparison, I could see Colon as a Nomar when he was at short.

  7. Guest 5 years ago

    Yeah you bet. Its shaping up to be quite a draft!

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