2010 AL Rookie Of The Year Predictions

Not many people predicted A's reliever Andrew Bailey to win the 2009 AL ROY award.  Instead, the preseason favorites were Matt Wieters and David Price.  I'll take Brian Matusz this year, but here's a list of candidates to consider:

Brian Matusz, Neftali Feliz, Wade Davis, Jeremy Hellickson, Austin Jackson, Desmond Jennings, Carlos Santana, Justin Smoak, Brett Wallace, Michael Saunders, Aaron Crow, Reid Brignac, Tyler Flowers, Dan Hudson, Jake Arrieta, Jesus Montero, Michael Taylor, Lonnie Chisenhall, Chris Carter, Kyle Drabek, Zach Stewart, Josh Bell, Michael Brantley, Scott Sizemore, Alex Avila, Hector Rondon, Fernando Perez, Danny Valencia, Carlos Carrasco, Lou Marson

Who are we missing?  And what's your prediction for AL ROY?  We'll do the NL tomorrow.

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  1. bannister19 5 years ago

    I know you’re trying to be fair here, but it’s all Aaron Crow’s :)

    Anyways, Kila Ka’aihue is a possibility.

    • melonis_rex 5 years ago

      Kila should be in MLB Opening Day. He’s definitely a candidate as long as he survives Moore’s dumbness.

      • bannister19 5 years ago

        Not sure that has much to do with Dayton. There just isn’t much room for Kila. Rosters are due on Sunday and I’m hoping he makes it too.

  2. Guest 5 years ago

    I was hoping Chris Carter was going to get the At-Bats but it looks like he’s not. I think he is the next Ryan Howard from the right side. Simple as that.

    So I’m going to have to say Brian Matusz for the AL.

    But if Wade Davis wasn’t in the Rays rotation Jeremy Hellickson would have a legitmate shot because he has the control of Greg Maddux and the stuff of Zack Greinke. He is going to be an ace one day and if he wasn’t on the Rays he would be in the Opening Day rotation.

    Tim I can think of some that aren’t there but it’s questionable. Edgar Osuna, Kanekoa Texeira, and Benjamin Snyder. And you might want to consider Martin Perez because he is “advanced” and could get some time this season. Also two more, Trevor Reckling and Tyson Ross. Adam Moore and Mike Carp for the Mariners as well.

    There are so many exciting rookies!

  3. jason heyward, fernando martinez, jason castro, ike davis, chris tillman, jenrry mejia

    • Piccamo 5 years ago

      Tillman is starting the year in AAA and no longer qualifies for rookie status.

    • Jason_F 5 years ago

      Other than Tillman, I’m sure all of the guys you mentioned will be in tomorrow’s feature that highlights the NL rookies.

    • diehardmets 5 years ago

      I’m hoping that Davis and Mejia aren’t vying for rookie of the year til next year. And where will F-Mart play? In a couple of years I’d love to see him in CF and then maybe he’ll win, but right now he’s still young and could use some more seasoning.

  4. Jason Heyward is in the NL!!!!

    Like the list, especially with all of the Indians on it.

    Problem with most of the guys for the Tribe is that they will start in the Minors (except Marson)

    • Guest 5 years ago

      The problem with most rookies is tht they will start in the minors.

  5. sorry forgot it was an al list but still Chris Tillman on the orioles should be on the list

  6. empathizerightonyourbehind 5 years ago

    Sal Fasano.

    • theroundsquare 5 years ago

      Sal is getting the lifetime achievement award for his ‘stache.

  7. Wade Davis will win.

  8. RedSoxFreak85 5 years ago

    Looks like some people don’t know that Heyward plays in the NL.

    Matusz probably has the best shot, but I’m pulling for a few other guys:

    Hellickson (if he can work his way into the rotation somewhat quickly) or perhaps Desmond Jennings (if you go by strict talent)… but Jennings has to find a way onto the big league club which means he’s waiting on poor performances from some of the big league players (I think his best shot is the Joyce/Kapler platoon), or an injury to someone. Maybe a Carl Crawford trade could do it too. I wouldn’t be shocked to see the Rays try and get something for Crawford before he just walks out at the end of the year.

  9. Airp0w 5 years ago

    Is Travis Snider no longer eligible? Also if Brett Wallace ends up getting called up he could have a shot at it. I don’t think it’s likely but it’s worth mentioning.

    • dwwhite190 5 years ago

      Snider is no longer a rookie. He used up his eligibility last year

      • Airp0w 5 years ago

        What do you have to do to use up eligibility? Some of these guys played last year too.

  10. kluber 5 years ago

    Chris tillman isn’t a rookie, He is over the minimum innings to be considered a rookie

  11. TVReviewsion 5 years ago

    I know it’s extremely unlikely, but still, Adam Moore (catcher, Mariners).

  12. I_Like_Baseball 5 years ago

    Austin Jackson

    • barroomhero 5 years ago

      Agreed. I think he will get the playing time and that , more than anything, will get him the numbers. Pitching is so hard to determine for a ROY. So much more can go wrong with pitchers.

  13. Wade Davis or Brian Matusz

    AL East is going to be even tougher in a few years if there’s no realignment…

  14. dwwhite190 5 years ago

    Don’t sleep on Michael Taylor. He’s major league ready and just waiting for a call up and when he does I see him getting some real solid numbers.

    • eeeooo 5 years ago

      I disagree. I’m high on Taylor and even more on Chris Carter, but I don’t think they’ll get enough AB’s to qualify this year.

  15. $1529282 5 years ago

    Josh Bell. After a hot start at AAA, the Orioles can always move Tejada back to SS and move Izturis to a utility role to make room at 3B for Bell.

    There’s a lot of good pitchers, but with Matusz and Davis being in the AL East, it’ll be harder for them to rack up impressive numbers.

    Or maybe I’m crazy.

  16. crunchy1 5 years ago

    Matusz seems like the most likely but I’m going to go with Wade Davis or Jeremy Hellickson, whomever ends the year in the rotation. I like Hellickson if he gets the chance. Matusz may be the better pitcher, but because they are on a much better team, Davis/Hellickson will likely to do better than Matusz in at least one category the voters will be looking at…wins.

    • Guest 5 years ago

      Yea, not sure why Rodriguez is not there and Brignac is. Rodriguez is the one starting.

  17. papisox 5 years ago

    Not sure if they qualify, but Travis Snider and Sean Rodriguez would be my two picks. have you seen Rodriguez’s spring numbers? Ridiculous. Could be an offensive second baseman in the Dan Uggla mold this year, maybe the Jeff Kent mold as time goes on.

  18. TahoePadreFan 5 years ago

    I like Scott Sizemore for the Tigers. Good solid numbers in the minors, with good plate discipline. Plus the tigers will start him from opening day which might help the overall end of season numbers that everyone looks at

    • FullerTron 5 years ago

      I like him from a fills the need role, but his numbers wont be the eye poppers needed to win this year.

  19. billniye 5 years ago

    Josh Reddick?

    • Yankees10 5 years ago

      Hes not even going to start.

      • philpbarnes 5 years ago

        Well neither is Jesus Montero.. but hes still getting mentioned.

        Reddick is a decent outside bet. Drew is fragile, Ellsbury is one dive away from a wrist injury and Cameron is not-so-young-anymore. Reddick would be the first in reserve should any of them get injured (an arguement could be made for Hermida I suppose).

        • Yankees10 5 years ago

          If Montero does get called up this year he would start right away most likely. Reddick needs an injury to happen still. But hey anything is possible.

        • BoSoxSam 5 years ago

          Well, I think it’s also because Montero is much better than Reddick. Also, Reddick is not going to get the at-bats, plain and simple…I think Hermida would be the one to take the bulk of the at-bats if any major injuries occur. I do think Reddick will get a late-season callup, but not enough to get ROY consideration. I think the Red Sox will have some strong candidates 2011 and beyond, but not this year; not enough slots available. :) I’m hoping Kelly makes the rotation next year, that would be exciting. 😀

  20. No1HaloFan 5 years ago

    I think Brandon Wood might have a shot if he can find his groove.

  21. Ferrariman 5 years ago

    im gonna guess its austin jackson because the new ballpark seems to fit his skills. the oriole’s ballpark is without a doubt a hitters park which give matusz an automatic disadvantage. that and matusz is in the AL east.

  22. rettdavis 5 years ago

    Julio Borbon is a legit contender if he is still eligible.

  23. melonis_rex 5 years ago

    Half those people shouldn’t be in the majors for long enough to qualify for ROY.

    I say Smoak—the Rangers are contenders in a tight division so its rational for the team to use his service time and get him up early, and

    Carter and Taylor are on a team that has too many OF/DH, Matusz shouldn’t be in MLB long enough to qualify for the award since the O’s aren’t going anywhere this year.

    I could also see Michael Saunders.

    • correct me if i’m wrong but i believe matusz is starting in the orioles rotaion this year (3 or 4 pitcher i think) and should get more than enough innings to quailify

    • Guest 5 years ago

      That’s so redundant.

      Smoak, Carter, Taylor, and Saunders won’t be up until June at least.

      Matusz will pitch a week from tomorow.

    • baseball1 5 years ago

      Matusz is the O’s 3rd starter…..Where are you pulling this from?

  24. richierichbags 5 years ago

    Where is Daniel Bard in this discussion? The kid is a clear candidate for the Rookie of the Year if not one of the Favorites.

    • penpaper 5 years ago

      Why exactly? He’s nothing but a young middle/set up reliever at this point

      • Yankees10 5 years ago

        You never know if Papelbon gets injured. Bard can step in and pick up a bunch of saves. But your right hes not one of the favorites like richierichbags said.

  25. 55saveslives 5 years ago

    If Buster Posey makes the team, he has a strong chance. Otherwise, I’d go with Heyward.

  26. 04Forever 5 years ago

    AL – Montero (NY)
    NL – Heyward (ATL)

    • Guest 5 years ago

      Coming from a Sox fan? Montero should win now!

      • 04Forever 5 years ago

        i know a good player when i see one, doesnt matter who they play for. its a matter of if he makes the club this year

  27. tyler colvin, landslide.

  28. brianlomas 5 years ago

    from what i’ve seen from Austin Jackson this spring, he’s my pick.

  29. Yankees10 5 years ago

    Neftali Feliz

    • FullerTron 5 years ago

      He will have great strikeout and WHIP rates, but I don’t think getting a bunch of holds will catch the eyes of the voters. That being said Frank Fransisco had 3 DL stints (I think) last year so he could hold the closer role for a time.

  30. bharsh 5 years ago

    Think a guy you really have to watch for is PCL hitter of the year last year John Bowker, who not only will make the team this year but I think take over right field and get the starting job right out of the shoot. The dude has had a MONSTROUS Spring and doesn’t seem to be getting the pub he deserves… of course he plays on the west coast so shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Giants have a winner with this guy!!

  31. black15 5 years ago

    Tyler COLVIN

  32. Out of all the Tigers nominees…
    Avila won’t get enough work in to be on anyone’s radar. Sizemore is solid, but not spectacular, and will probably have growing pains. Jackson is like a Granderson, but will only get better. If the Tigers contend, Austin Jackson will make people stand up and notice, and steal votes from Matsuz (my prediction) and Davis.

  33. CrustyJuggler 5 years ago

    Adam Moore in Seattle. Looks to have the starting catchers job and has hit well this spring.

  34. rockiesfan_303 5 years ago

    neftali perez is my pick if i chose now. but scott sizemore may be the sleeper.

    • FullerTron 5 years ago

      I don’t know who you are talking about. Now Neftali FELIZ is a different story.

      • thisguy3 5 years ago

        Feliz will fall just short, due to votes being split between Neftali Feliz and Neftali Perez. Perez will set the record for most ROY votes received three years after his final plate appearance.

      • rockiesfan_303 5 years ago

        Lol i have no idea why I wrote Perez. but thank you haha

  35. Sadly, 4 of the guys on the list are former Phillies prospects traded away in just the past 8 months! In fact, I see Taylor winning the ROY for the A’s.

  36. harmony55 5 years ago

    I join the supports of Seattle catcher Adam Moore, who enters the season as Baseball America’s 83rd-ranked prospect.

  37. foxtown 5 years ago

    I don’t think Tyler Flowers or Dan Hudson will get out of Triple A this year, barring injuries to the starters.

  38. he’s so good he’ll win in the AL also.

  39. Bravoboy10 5 years ago

    I’ll say Davis, Matsusz, and Jackson finish 1-2-3. I like Davis to win because I think he’ll pick up more W’s playing on the better team.

  40. FullerTron 5 years ago

    Justin Smoak wont be up until September unless Davis doesn’t produce/gets injured. Give me Matusz.

  41. Leland G 5 years ago

    I think it’s going to be a michael – either brantley or taylor.

  42. Guest 5 years ago

    Brian Matusz or Wade Davis- Both pitched well and Matusz won in Yankee Stadium last year.

  43. Guest 5 years ago

    Brian Matusz or Wade Davis- Both pitched well and Matusz won in Yankee Stadium last year.

  44. Motor_City_Bombshell 5 years ago

    Austin Jackson, based on what I’ve seen in ST so far, he looks really good.

    If not, then Brian Matsuz and Jesus Montero look like pretty safe bets too.

  45. That would be great, but i think they’d just go out and trade for someone. I don’t think they’ll bring him up until at the earliest september.

  46. Raylan Givens' Stetson 5 years ago

    I would have to say that the Yankees would bring up Juan Miranda before they think of bringing up Montero. Montero is obviously the best hitter but he needs more seasoning in the minors, mostly for his glove. If the Yankees brought him up now they would be somewhat condeming him to being a lifetime DH. I just don’t see the Yankees immediately making him a DH when they could possibly get much more value from him being a position player.

  47. Ferrariman 5 years ago

    u mean top 5? :]

  48. Guest 5 years ago


  49. Yankees10 5 years ago

    I’m guessing he was talking about Tillman.

  50. Guest 5 years ago

    I thought so and I thought we established the fact that Chris Tillman is not a rookie.

  51. Guest 5 years ago

    No I didnt

  52. Guest 5 years ago

    No I didnt

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