State Of The Dodgers

Dodgers owner Frank McCourt addressed reporters today and said that GM Ned Colletti will have the same financial flexibility at the trade deadline as he did last year, writes Dylan Hernandez of the LA Times (via Twitter).

Before the trade deadline last season, the Dodgers acquired George Sherill from the Orioles for Josh Bell and right-hander Steve Johnson.  Colletti also managed to bring Jim Thome, Ronnie Belliard, and Jon Garland aboard prior to the August 31st waiver deadline.  While those pickups didn't require Los Angeles to break the bank, Dodgers fans should be relieved to know that they will have room to make mid-season moves.

Meanwhile, after listening to McCourt speak, Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports (via Twitter) doesn't get the sense that the club is close to adding another starting pitcher.

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  1. Guest 5 years ago

    “Dodgers owner Frank McCourt addressed reporters today and said that GM Ned Colletti will have the same financial flexibility at the trade deadline as he did last year”

    Ummm.. sad face?

    • lakersdodgersyankees4life 5 years ago

      thats what I was thinking. The same amount… wouldn’t that mean trading top end prospects for a LOOGY? I REALLY hope not…

      • Guest 5 years ago

        Yeah thats what I am thinking.. I don’t really know how to take that comment.

        • lakersdodgersyankees4life 5 years ago

          Now I kinda wish he hadnt said anything….

    • markjsunz 5 years ago

      A story in the Los Angeles times said the McCourts divorce is going to cost 19 million dollars, and a few weeks go Mrs. McCourt presented a business model to the judge that says in the next 8 years everything will double in price from tickets to parking to hot dogs and beer, but the payroll will stay the same as the 2010 payroll. These people are having a brutal divorce and we are getting a look at how disgusting these people are. And as far as spending money at the trade deadline in order to have the team pay the final two months of the salary for the player the dodgers receive they trade away a top minor league prospect.

  2. coup 5 years ago

    The Dodgers do seem like a team that regresses from last year. Losing Wolf, having Manny go without roids for another whole year, losing O-Dog, and dealing with whatever happened to C-Bill (3-7 w-l record, 5.20 ERA, more hits allowed than IP, and a .271 BAA in the second half) is enough to go bad quickly. Dodgers make a big fall this year.

    • lakersdodgersyankees4life 5 years ago

      Wolf is the only one that may hurt. The only one.

      Manny had the worst year in his career. He got off to a great start, without roids, was suspended, then came back strong and proceeded to get his hand broken by a 95 MPH fastball. Yet, he played through it and was still above average. While there are obvious sample size problems, watching Manny in ST thus far he is more balanced and is not trying to hit a homerun on every pitch. He is taking what the pitcher is giving him and has 4 hits, including a double, an RBI, a walk all in 6 or 7 ABs. Manny never needed steroids and proved at the start of the year and after the suspension that when healthy, he is still one of the best RHH in the game.

      Hudson did nothing in the 2nd half. He got off to a great start and then stopped. He didnt deserve a gold glove and while he was good in the clubhouse, he wont be missed on the field.

      Billingsley struggled because of the broken leg. That threw off his routine and affected his strength in his hamstrings. By the 2nd half, he had a weaker low half. Therefore, after 75 pitches, as his legs would lose more strength and most likely begin to hurt, he would alter his mechanics and start walking guys. He had all offseason to get healthy and I expect him to go back to his dominate ways.

      Couple those with the best bullpen in the majors, the growth of Kemp and Ethier, a semi-bounce back from Martin(put on 30 pounds, mainly muscle this offseason) and hopefully a breakout from Loney(if he learns to pull the ball, he goes from James Loney to Joey Votto. They have always been similar, except Votto learned to pull the inside fastball, while Loney has only fought it off…) and this team could easily win 100 games.

      Remember, we came in last season with even more questions and we went to the NLCS. We have a better, more mature core this year and less questions.

      • Guest 5 years ago

        I’m going to take the O-Dog as well.

        • lakersdodgersyankees4life 5 years ago

          as someone who will be missed or someone who wont?

          • Guest 5 years ago

            I think he will be missed.

            I think everyone has hot streaks. I think it just may be that a change of scenery up’ed Ronnie Belliard’s performance last september. As you may know, his 2009 post-season was nothing special and I’m not saying Orlando Hudson should still be here but I think bringing Ronnie Belliard back will hurt the Dodgers. At least not make them better. He is not a spectacular player on the defensive side nor is he a potential power threat. With the money they spent on him, they could have either signed Felipe Lopez, traded for a second baseman, or even used internal options. But if they had signed a second baseman even if it wasn’t Felipe Lopez, I think the Dodgers would have been much better off. Jamey Carroll on the other hand I do like a lot. I think that if he plays against every righty the Dodgers face, He could put up some nice numbers. Still nothing like their production out of their second baseman last Season. With that said, I do think that a mid-season trade for a second baseman and/or pitcher will be in the works. Assuming Ben Sheets is having a good healthy season, Ben Sheets and Mark Ellis would help the Dodgers out a lot and certainly not cost them any of their every day players and absolutley not one of their good starting pitchers. Maybe something like…

            Ben Sheets
            Mark Ellis

            for either



            DeJesus Jr.


          • Guest 5 years ago

            Ronnie Beliard was most likely our best hitter in the PS last year.. We have 3 options for Second baseman this year, maybe even 4 if Dejesus is healthy and productive. Withrow, Gordon, Martin, and Elbert should be untouchable.. Elbert might be moved if they realy think hes a reliever.

            The Dodgers money “troubles” can be destructive next season, we need to keep our prospects.

          • Guest 5 years ago

            Yeah, I am referring to Scott Elbert as a Relief Pitcher and I think that unless they can acquire Adrian Gonzalez, as you said…Withrow, Martin, Lindblom, and Martin should be untouchable. Not Gordon. I know he is their number 1 prospect but if he can bring back a decent pitcher I would trade him.

          • lakersdodgersyankees4life 5 years ago

            Gordon is someone who you either love or hate. He has the tools of some of the best speedsters. He didnt start playing baseball until his senior year in HS and was still very good in the minors. I love him as a prospect and Im really excited. There are VERY few I trade him for…

          • Guest 5 years ago

            Wait, really? Dee Gordon didn’t play Baseball until his senior year in HS?

          • lakersdodgersyankees4life 5 years ago

            yep. He had grown up around it, but never wanted to play it. His dad basically forced him to try it and he was really good, so he stuck to it. He was a PG, and a pretty good one…

          • lakersdodgersyankees4life 5 years ago

            I think Ethier was our best hitter. He was a beast in the postseason…

            I agree on the untouchables and guys like Lambo and Miller could get near that category with strong years. Remember, Lambo was just 20 in AA and struggled. Aaron Miller did really well in his limited amount and could move into that group…

            Elbert as a reliever will still be a Hong Chih Kuo type reliever. He really shouldnt be dealt unless you are getting maximum value for him

          • lakersdodgersyankees4life 5 years ago

            I do agree that us signing Belliard was a very ‘eh’ deal for me. I wanted one of DeWitt or even DeJesus to get a shot.

            Lopez would have been nice looking back, but I wonder if there is a reason that we dont know on why no one was interested in him.

            The contract I dont get is the one you like. Giving Jamey Carroll 4M was extremely dumb. He is not an offensive threat and not a defensive wiz. He is a bench guy that is being paid 2M when the team is having cash flow issues. I think we could have waited 2 months and signed him for Belliards deal.

            With the thought that a SP/2B will be needed, Im indecisive. If Kershaw pitches anything like he did last year, and Kuroda and Billz are both healthy, we will have a top 5 rotation. Thats the talent that is here. We didnt accidentally lead the league in ERA last season. We have talent, the question is if it will be healthy. With 2B, I see no way we trade for a 2B unless they are of the Dan Uggla-type impact. Why get Mark Ellis if you Blake DeWitt? Personally, Id take DeWitt over him in a second.

            With your trade, thats a lot to give up for 1/2 a season of Sheets and Ellis. I dont know why most forget this, but the Dodgers took Gordon off the table when discussing Felix Hernandez. He wasnt talked about when we were talking Halladay. I see no way he is dealt. They have already christened him the SS of the future.

            The other package is also a lot. DeJesus was fairly highly regarded before he got hurt, Elbert has a #2s upside, with his downside being a reliever like Hong Chih Kuo and Robinson is a wild card. If last year was a breakout, he is very close to an elite prospect. If it was a fluke, then he is an average CF for his career.

            Both deals seem like a lot to give up for someone as injury prone as Sheets and an upgrade that, IMO, will be minimal over DeWitt or DeJesus

          • Guest 5 years ago

            I’ll tell you something, Everytime I see the name “Dee Gordon”, I like him more and more and I really can’t wait to see him in Dodger Blue. Maybe this will be Rafael Furcal’s last season as the Dodgers Shortstop. Gordon is 21 (will be 22 on April 22nd) and will start the season in AA. I could see him go the Elvis Andrus way. What I mean by that is having a really good AA season and then skipping AAA. This isn’t a delicate pitcher we are talking about, this is a Shortstop who will be a star in the future. A STAR!. Yeah, Felix and Roy could have been a Dodger, but for a good reason the Dodgers think so highly of Dee Gordon. Really looking forward to see Dee in the Majors. Definetly as a september callup but as I said before, maybe starting as early as Opening Day 2011.

          • lakersdodgersyankees4life 5 years ago

            I doubt he gets the Sept callup, but I think he could take over for Furcal. However, he is extremely raw, simply because he hadnt played the game for very long(think of Matt Kemp, except starting even later). He has the tools, but needs to translate them into the game. I wouldnt be suprised if DeJesus plays SS for a year after Furcal before Dee is ready. Because he is so raw, they may decide it is better for him to go to AAA rather than learning in the majors.

            Funny fact about his name. After the name change(He was born Devaris), his full name is Dee Strange-Gordon… if he wasnt an athlete, he would have been teased like crazy in high school haha

          • Guest 5 years ago

            Haha yeah. I actually knew that and I was going to call him that when talking about him but you would have though that I was crazy!

            What can we say? This is just a strange kid.

    • PERFEKT_KNL 5 years ago

      Kill the negativity coup.

    • ThinkBlue10 5 years ago

      you’re terrible man. you have no idea what you are talking about.

  3. ho hum. what else is new?

  4. Zack23 5 years ago

    “Dodgers fans should be relieved to know that they will have room to make mid-season moves.”

    I think Dodger fans would feel better if the team made OFF-season moves instead. And didnt CHW send money with Thome too?

    • lakersdodgersyankees4life 5 years ago

      Chi covered his salary.

      But what could we have done? Lackey or Halladay would have been nice, but do you want to give almost 90M to Lackey(who isnt a true ace) or give up Withrow, Gordon+ for Doc? Or even worse, Billz or Kershaw? Those trades/contracts would have made no sense and would have killed us in a few years…

    • ThinkBlue10 5 years ago

      not really because there was no one out there that was really for us. i rather wait and see who becomes available at the deadline than desperately sign lackey.

  5. coup 5 years ago

    I forgot Garland as well. He pitched very well for the Dodgers. Gone now.

  6. optionn 5 years ago

    The Dodgers are sitting pretty well financially because they been milking young players for 400k a year for 3 or 4 years. Loney, Kemp, Ethier, Martin etc.

    • lakersdodgersyankees4life 5 years ago

      have you been under a rock since October? The McCourt’s divorce is going to cost 19 MILLION DOLLARS IN LAWYER COSTS ALONE. Guess who will end up paying that… the Dodgers. We do not have money.

      And any money that was saved was pissed away on Andruw Jones, Jason Schmidt, and Juan Pierre…

  7. vtadave 5 years ago

    Those four will be making a total of $18 million this year and far more in 2010. The days of they young talent being cheap are about over.

  8. optionn 5 years ago

    I am a law student- just wondering but did the Dodgers win or lose that insurance case with Jason Schmidt? Apparently, they signed him knowing he had shoulder/rotator cuff issues.

    I was just reading the archives and the ‘brilliant’ Keith Law wrote on ESPN that Jason Schmidt was a bargain for 3 years at 47 million.

    • lakersdodgersyankees4life 5 years ago

      The signing would have been great if he was healthy. Remember, we wanted an ace and the only other one available was Zito… however, because he was hurt, it was a horrible one

  9. Table 5 years ago

    Except there wasn’t any god dang financial flexibility involved in any of the trades made over the last two years. Almost all of them required the other team to pay for the remaining salaries because Mcourt refused to take on ANY extra salary. That is why the organization has been robbed of two of the top prospects in baseball over the last two years, Carlos Santana and Josh Bell. The truth is that The Dodgers have horrendous ownership and the day it changes hands will be a good day.

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