Odds & Ends: Matsui, Braves, Bumgarner, Benson

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  1. RiverKKiller999 5 years ago

    Is that suppose to be a good thing or bad thing…Christ.If I’m not mistaking I heard LM didn’t even want the Braves when they bought them but was forced to keep them till the end of the 2011 season.

  2. BraveNewWorld 5 years ago

    Terry, we’re smarter than that. You certainly didn’t raise the payroll either.

    • Grab some pine, meat. 5 years ago

      Who cares what the status of the braves payroll was last year compared to today? Who costs money on the braves right now? Is he saving face? And why? You have Heyward and thats more than money can buy… for now… but when his contract renewal comes up, they might be having money issues in ‘lanta.

      • RiverKKiller999 5 years ago

        I sense jealousy :)

        • Grab some pine, meat. 5 years ago

          oh please dont confuse jealousy with respectful admiration, jealousy would have been present if the braves had taken the series… as it is, they didn’t :)

      • csg 5 years ago

        Braves will have plenty of room in the budget for Heyward. Chipper and Lowe will be off the books by then, they make up about 30% of the current payroll. Hopefully, Liberty Media will sale to Arthur Blanks by that time also

  3. Grab some pine, meat. 5 years ago

    Whatever it is that is afflicting Bumgarner, lets not ignore whats been afflicting the giants for years, and thats trading away prospects for garbage players or trash compensations. Who, or what will it hurt to keep him around for another year or so. Lets face facts, we’ve ruined some pitchers in the past, hopefully this isn’t a Noah Lowry situation all over again and he (Bumgarner) pulls through.

    • Will_Clarks_Gauchos 5 years ago

      Bum’s problem doesn’t seem to be freak elbow ligament damage. So let’s hope it’s not Chuck Knoblauch all over again. I wouldn’t mind the Giants taking a flier on Lowry given the poor start by Wellemeyer (even though it’s only one).

      • Grab some pine, meat. 5 years ago

        I’m still upset we botched Lowry, he’s flat out said the giants are NOT an option for him, and I think that’ll stand for a while, I wish we had made him into a deserving “Forever Giant”.

        I haven’t heard Chuck’s name in a long time but I thought his issue was entirely mental… he couldn’t throw to first base, correct? The same kinda thing happened to Dontrell Willis, where he just blanked on his mechanics, and I could spend hours praying that Bummy’s got the same problem but this seems semi-permanent.

        On the other hand, I don’t want to see the mis-diagnosis of Bummy, ala Lowry, because thats got to be the fastest way to ruin a pitcher and burn a good bridge. The fact of the matter is, we have Jonathan Sanchez, who is pretty much what Madison Bumgarner can hope to become at this point, the Giants should worry about whats next after/if he (Bummy) gets to Sanchez’s role.

        • WillieMaysField 5 years ago

          MadBum started last night and had a solid outing. 6 IP 3H 1BB and was hitting 94 mph on the gun. Just like last April when I saw him pitch for San Jose. He has never struggled at any level in his life, this has been all new to him. I think he’s a lot different pitcher than Sanchez. Sanchez has always had control issues, not so with Madbum. I hope last nights start is a sign of things to come. Worst case he can’t straighten out his pitching he could always play 1B or the OF because he can flat out rake.

          • Grab some pine, meat. 5 years ago

            While this is good news to hear and now I feel more confident in saying he was just tired out from last year, I have to disagree with Sanchez’s control issues. Maybe when he first came up, his walks per 9 were ridiculous, but he has done an amazing job pitching in ’09 and so far so good in ’10. On top of that he’s a quality lefty that throws pepper from a 3/4 release point. I got a lot of respect for both pitchers, Sanchez has just earned it. Bumgarner will have his chance and probably his day too, when he is an Ace or #2, but that day for Sanchez is rapidly approaching IMHO.

          • WillieMaysField 5 years ago

            Sanchez has averaged over 4.3 BB/9 rate every year in his career and that didn’t change the 2nd half last year. He’s already walked 3 tonight in 2 IG. He also had a 3.8 BB/9 rate in the minors. Madbum’s at 1.8 BB/9 in the minor’s. Madbum relies on pinpoint control whereas Sanchez has just nasty stuff. Very different type pitchers. Like you I’m hoping Sanchez has a breakout type year and his control is a big part of it.

  4. I trust McGuirk more than I would some other corporate entity because he’s been with the Braves since the 90’s. He’s not one of Liberty’s guys, nor is he one of Time Warner’s; he’s one of Ted’s. The thing with our payroll is that we have to assume all of our players on incentive-based contracts reach those incentives. If that happens then we will be right around what we spent as a team last year.

  5. porschevespa 5 years ago

    Hello…Where is Benson’s wife..no body listen to her anymore..maybe she is looking for another big name player…I bet she already gone…

  6. Grab some pine, meat. 5 years ago

    hey, his pitch count has gotten way better, and I knew it… the day after I vouch for him, he walks 3 in an inning… he also struck out three that very inning :)

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