Odds & Ends: Resop, Gamel, Santana, Bumgarner

Happy birthday, Jayson Werth!  Let's celebrate by reading these news items…

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  1. lakersdodgersyankees4life 5 years ago

    I hate Ned Colletti and Frank McCourt so much! I will be reminded for the next 15 years about how we messed up with Santana because McCourt is a cheap SoB

    • I think this was much more of McCourt than Colletti. Frank is a cheap bastard. The city, maybe even the county, should start something to have Frank removed as owner and to have the O’Malleys run the team again. Anyone who thinks trading away a blue chip catching prospect to save $2 mil just so they can paint the seats at Dodger Stadium pastel colors should not own a baseball team.

  2. icedrake523 5 years ago

    Why did they even trade for Blake to begin with? He’s a decent complimentary player but nothing more.

    • lakersdodgersyankees4life 5 years ago

      We had a blackhole at 3B. Our top prospect, LaRoche, was hurt and when healthy, sucked. We had Nomar… and he sucked. His calf was never healthy. We had a flux of prospects/vets try to play 3B, and they didnt work. He served as a stopgap to a black hole. (also, we apparently had out eyes on Blake for a while. We were talking about a deal that involved Jamey Carroll, CC, and Blake, but it would have cost us Santana and one of Kemp or Billz). We never thought he’d be an all star, at least I hope they didnt, but he was a solid player and a great clubhouse guy… still, not worth anything close to Santana…

      Oh, and of course, the trade for Blake let us use LaRoche in the Manny deal

  3. rainyperez 5 years ago

    I agree hacker for now, because I believe that the Madbum still needs a little more time. If he can fully develop his cutter, he will be very nasty especially with his odd delivery.

  4. CosaOne 5 years ago

    I definitely cant say I agree with the DRays Bay article he says the Rays have had equal injuries because the positions are the same but thats way to simplistic. Loosing Shoppach is not like losing Posada just because they play the same position. Thats like me saying that the if Ike Davis and Pujols were both out then the Mets and Cards would be on equal injury footing but that wouldnt be the case. The Yankees lost their starting CFer whos a 30 hr guy and plays above average defense(average at the very least) and they compare that to loosing Matt Joyce? Zobrist was there opening day starting RFer and still seems to be. Regardless he fails to mention Swisher being out also, the Rays are playing with there full outfield compliment not their 4th/5th string Ofers.Also not having a DH do to injury and having one that sucks due to incompetence are not the same thing.The Rays have youth and certainly more depth but to say they have suffered as many key or more key injuries as the Yankees is fiction. They have suffered one true key injury and that was to JP Howell their excellent setupman. The Rays are terrific team and exciting to watch, theres no need to artificially inflate their status.

  5. johnsilver 5 years ago

    Not so sure either Tampa, or the NYY have much to gripe about with injuries in the Al east. Boston has been without Ellsbury and Cameron since right after the 1st week of the season. Beckett made like 3 starts with a healthy back, Matsuzaka has made 4 starts since coming back from rehabbing his own ST injury woes.

  6. aap212 5 years ago

    Gamel playing first has a lot more to do with his own defensive limitations than it has to do with Prince being on the block. If the Mets start playing Wilmer Flores at third, it doesn’t mean Wright is on the block. It means Flores can’t stick at short and they’re moving on with his development.

  7. LongJohnSilver — The Yankees have lost an All-Star catcher and a stellar CF, two guys who were in the middle of their lineup 5-6 or 6-7. Those are significant losses to injury. Ellsbury is a big loss for the Sawx, but Cameron is a strikeout machine who was signed more for his defense than his prodigious ability to swing and miss. Dicey-K has been nothing but a hugely overpaid bum for more than a year now and Beckett wasn’t doing so well when his back was healthy. While Beckett should recover his form, to think the losing Dicey-K is significant is fairly delusional. Or weren’t you watching last season?

  8. jcrabtree7 5 years ago

    Man, what are they putting in the water over in Japan? First Colby Lewis leaves and comes back and has been ok so far, now Resop is back and dealing in Triple-A. He was not very good with the Braves in 2008 his first time around. I don’t see him playing for them this year unless someone else goes down with an injury in the rotation.

  9. 55saveslives 5 years ago

    Wellemeyer needs to go now. Give Hacker a few starts, then Joe Martinez if Hacker doesn’t pan out.

    Madbum after the allstar break!

  10. thegrayrace 5 years ago

    The worst part of the Carlos Santana trade – from the Dodgers perspective – is that is was likely the move that prevented them from acquiring Cliff Lee the following season.

    If the Dodgers held on to Carlos Santana (and traded a more marginal prospect for Casey Blake, taking on his salary), and then used him as the centerpiece for a Cliff Lee trade at the ’09 trade deadline. That would’ve forced the Phillies into trading (and likely overpaying) for Halladay at the ’09 deadline, instead of last off-season. And then who knows how the Dodgers ’09 postseason would’ve worked out, but they would have had a far better rotation this year.

  11. txdodger73 5 years ago

    “If Santana becomes the star catcher that he’s projected to be for the Tribe, Dodger fans might be regretting that $2MM worth of savings for a long time. ”

    I’m kind of thinking Dodger fans had zero to do with this sketchy trade and McCourt will be the one regretting the move. If Frank ponies up the $2 mil or Ned looks elsewhere, maybe acquiring Ronnie Belliard 1 season earlier, Carloos could be in LA right now playing 3B. Of course the Dodger Brass would have had to move Carlos back to 3B. This deal was the classic case of a GM and Owner both taking the wrong path to solve a problem.


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