Odds & Ends: Strasburg, Piniella, Ely, Marlins

Jamie Moyer, we are all witnesses.  Some quick notes as we finish up the work week….

  • Stephen Strasburg allowed just one hit and one walk over six shutout innings in his debut for Washington's Triple-A affiliate, reports The Associated Press.
  • Jon Paul Morosi of FOXSports.com predicts the Cubs' woes may drive Lou Piniella into retirement when his contract is up after this season.
  • The Los Angeles Times' Steve Dilbeck thinks the Dodgers erred in sending rookie right-hander John Ely back down to the minors so quickly.
  • Clark Spencer of The Miami Herald has some details of Florida owner Jeffrey Loria's chat with reporters today.  Loria dismissed any problems between him and manager Fredi Gonzalez, though Spencer notes that Loria "never exactly came out and said Gonzalez's job was 100 percent secure."  Loria was vague about when Mike Stanton would be called up to the majors, but the owner noted that the Marlins "don't want him to come and fail. If he's going to come here, he's going to come here to stay."
  • Speaking of Stanton, his name came up more than once during Baseball America's J.J. Cooper's chat with fans today.  When asked if he'd rather have Stanton or Jason Heyward for the next 10 years, Cooper's answer was "Heyward and it didn't really take any time to think about it," though that's more of a nod to Heyward's limitless potential than a slight towards Stanton.
  • Brian McCann revealed today that he is having more vision problems, and he will again start wearing glasses in the field, reports David O'Brien of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
  • ESPN's Buster Olney reports (via Tweets here and here) that the Mariners will still be paying Milton Bradley while he is on the team's restricted list.
  • Jean-Jacques Taylor of the Dallas Morning News writes that of all the catcher possibilities the Rangers looked at over the winter, little-regarded Matt Treanor became the team's "savior" due to his solid defensive and game-calling skills.  (Probably on purpose, Taylor doesn't mention Treanor's .619 OPS.) 
  • Aaron Rowand, like Barry Zito, is also starting to live up his big Giants contract, writes Mychael Urban of CSNBayArea.com.  Urban notes that Rowand's early-season success may be due to a better offseason fitness regiment and a total swing overhaul.

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  1. fitz 5 years ago

    Castro off to a nice start of his big league career.

  2. joshamaral 5 years ago

    “…the Mariners will still be paying Milton Bradley while he is on the team’s restricted list.”

    more like the Cubs

    • SosaCrackers 5 years ago

      The Cubs are not the ones paying Bradley, the Mariners are, along with 9 million of Silva’s contract. I think we all know who won that trade, especially since Silva is pitching well and winning games.

      • joshamaral 5 years ago

        You’re technically correct.

        Silva makes $27 million over the next two years, while Bradley makes $21 mil. That’s why the Mariners sent $6 million along with Silva.

        However, considering the Mariners were content to just release Silva, that money becomes, essentially, a sunk cost. Therefore any modicum of contribution made by Bradley, or even the potential of him coming back in a month or two and playing well, is basically a bonus.

    • jwsox 5 years ago

      nope its all on the m’s now..that why they sent silva to the cubs so the contracts matched up and actually the M’s are sending money to the cubs too…the question is if he does get help will he be able to get oveer his slumps…or if he stays bad and crazy will the m’s be able to void his contract ala kalil green and the rangers

  3. jcrabtree7 5 years ago

    I am personally not happy with B-Mac right now. He said that he knew of the problem in spring training, but continued to go about his business as if nothing was wrong. I even remember he did an interview with ESPN during a game saying his vision was fine. What’s wrong with wearing glasses? When I played just last year I had to get glasses and wore a pair of Oakley’s similar to those McCann wore last year, and in about 4-5 days I didn’t realize they were there. I find McCann’s silence about his vision to be a bit immature. I hope the glasses can fix his approach at the plate and in the field.

    • jwsox 5 years ago

      you can send him to the sox for AJ..AJ would rake in the NL and MCcann can wear all the glasses he wants for the sox, plus the sox dont play alot of day games

      • jcrabtree7 5 years ago

        Haha, I’ll pass on that trade. McCann is hitting better than AJ WITH his vision problem. Maybe the White Sox should look into glasses for AJ. Either way, just bc I’m not happy with the guy doesn’t mean I want to run him outta town. I just feel he handled the situation poorly. And if I remember correctly, AJ didn’t exactly “rake” his first time in the NL.

  4. NYBravosFan10 5 years ago

    I was at the Strasburg game and after watching him I have to admit he is freakin’ amazing. But it remains that I don’t believe he’s major league ready quite yet. He’s supposed to be a strikeout pitcher and he only got 2 or 3 can’t remember. He’s got to do better than that if he wants to get up to the majors soon. A strikeout pitcher getting all groundballs in AAA means he’s not missing many AAA bats which in turn means big league guys are gonna turn those ground balls into hits. He’s not ready yet but will be soon. He did get 2 rbi’s though lol.

    • fitz 5 years ago

      He struck out 6 through 6IP.

    • lol how can you see how “amazing” he is, but miss 4 of his 6 K’s

      • NYBravosFan10 5 years ago

        You know now that I think of it. I did miss one of his innings. I went to go grab some food and the lines were enormous. I waited in line for ten minutes just for some cracker jacks lol

  5. alxn 5 years ago

    Hopefully the problem isn’t serious enough where McCann has to wear the glasses when he’s catching. That seemed to be what gave him the most problems last year.

  6. derrickr 5 years ago

    @NYBravosFan10 I think everyone would agree that he is major league ready, even the Nats. The reason he is in the minors is strictly financial. He is already better than a lot of MLB starters. And 6k’s man. Nice scouting

    • NYBravosFan10 5 years ago

      read above, I missed an inning and had forgotten about it when I made the post, my mistake.

    • NYBravosFan10 5 years ago

      And it’s not financial by the way. There was a post on MLBTR about it a little while back about how it’s nothing to do with money. Not sure how much of that was true but thats what I’m going by. Starting him off in Double-A was a smart thing to do just to be sure.

      • vtadave 5 years ago

        “Nothing to do with money”? Seriously? Let me ask you this. If Strasburg were called up today, who do you think would fare better over the course of the rest of the season, he or Craig Stammen? He’s far and away the best pitcher in the organization, including the staff at the big league level.

  7. NYBravosFan10 5 years ago

    Not my words bro. I only repeated what I’ve heard. I don’t think they should even care about the money. This guy is worth every penny. So don’t kill the messenger.

    • Zack23 5 years ago

      “This guy is worth every penny”

      That’s not the point. If they wait to bring him up then they gain another year of control before he gets to hit FA

      • NYBravosFan10 5 years ago

        but if they brought him up they’d have to deal with that super 2 crap and he would end up getting more money. The Nats shouldn’t be worried about that was my point. This is the type of guy where money shouldn’t be the issue and it doesn’t matter how much he costs.

        • vtadave 5 years ago

          You sound like a Yankees fan. Of course the Nats shouldn’t call him up right now. It’s a decision that would cost them several million dollars, and for what, an extra three starts when the team is going nowhere?

          • NYBravosFan10 5 years ago

            After all the grief I’ve gotten over my original post that one hurt the worst. Please don’t tell me I sound like a Yankees fan. That is just cruel

        • Zack23 5 years ago

          Again, it’s not about how much money he gets, it’s about how many years he will be in a Nats uniform until he reaches FA.

          Why would you rather have him for 5 extra starts in 2010 when you win 70 games, instead of having him for an addition 32 starts in the future when your team should actually be competing for the playoffs.

  8. thegrayrace 5 years ago

    Agree with Steve Dilbeck. Sending Ely down to the minors was absolutely stupid. The Dodgers #4 and #5 starters are now Haeger and…? Monasterios? Weaver? Ortiz? Yuck!

    The Dodgers need to flat out release Haeger and Ortiz. Give Ely the #4 spot in the rotation, and bring up Josh Towers or Jesus Castillo to fill the #5 spot until Padilla is back. Weaver and Monasterios are fine in the ‘pen.

    • vtadave 5 years ago

      Agree on El, but Towers allowed 10 runs in his last outing. What the Dodgers really need to do is give Ely another shot and sign Pedro. Of course that would entail actually spending some money, so Towers it is.

    • markjsunz 5 years ago

      The dodgers do not have much to bring up. There best prospect just got a 50 game suspension and the best pitching they have is already in the major leagues.

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