Cubs Release Bob Howry

The Cubs released Bob Howry today to make toom for Carlos Zambrano, according to the team. Zambrano is returning from the restricted list. Howry began the year with Arizona and contributed to the problems that then-manager A.J. Hinch faced with his 'pen. The D'Backs released the righty in May and the Cubs signed him soon afterwards.

In 20.2 innings for the Cubs, Howry posted a 5.66 ERA with 3.5 K/9 and 3.0 BB/9, allowing 29 hits. Despite his history of success with the Cubs, he was no longer worth a roster spot.

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  1. and the point of picking him up exactly was what???If we say we need veteran bullpen arms b/c we have five rookies, why did we pick him up just to dump him…

  2. rovert22044 5 years ago

    Smart move…

  3. jdub220 5 years ago

    WHAT A SHOCK. Who knew that Howry would be terrible… except everyone in the entire world?

    • Sam_Lee 5 years ago

      A while back there was a Fangraph’s post by none other than the wizard, the genius, the savant, the most intelligent baseball mind in the world, Dave Cameron, calling for Howry to be made a CLOSER on a contender.

  4. elliotdanko 5 years ago

    Despite all the moves today, the Cubs improved their team the most with their addition by subtraction. At least now we can see what our young arms are made of instead of ceding games with Howry on the mound

  5. elliotdanko 5 years ago

    Cubs make the move of the day! I honestly think all Cubs fans are now happier than any Yankee fan about getting Berkman. Now we can see what our young arms can do instead of ceding games with Bob Howry on the mound. This is addition by subtraction at is purest.

  6. jayrig5 5 years ago

    I got called out on here for criticizing the Howry signing. It wasn’t the downfall of the season, obviously, but he was absolutely no help, and the time and resources spent on his acquisition would have been much better spent elsewhere.

  7. Gumby65 5 years ago

    Surely, anybody being released from this years AZ bullpen staff should have to be a slight hint that it isn’t quite going to work out.

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