Rangers After Cantu, Wigginton

SUNDAY, 9:04pm: The Rangers are in "ongoing conversations" with the Marlins regarding Cantu, tweets Rosenthal.  He adds that the Marlins are also talking to the Rockies and Giants about the infielder, while Texas remains interested in Wigginton.

2:56pm: Ken Rosenthal tweets that the Rangers are also very interested in Ty Wigginton. Texas sent three scouts to watch Wigginton on Friday night when the Orioles faced off against the Twins.

Like Cantu, Wigginton is a free agent after the season. He's earning $3.5MM in 2010, and has $1.35MM of that left coming to him. Wigginton's lower price tag, versatility, and superior production may make him a more attractive option than Cantu. His OPS checks in at .771 compared to Cantu's .721.

SATURDAY: The Rangers are making a strong push for Marlins infielder Jorge Cantu as the deadline approaches, writes T.R. Sullivan of MLB.com.  Texas is in search of a right-handed hitting backup first baseman and the 28-year-old is high on the team's list.

Cantu is set to earn $2MM over the final two months of the season, a price the Rangers can't afford.  However, the judge presiding over the club's bankruptcy case told the Rangers earlier this week that he has the power to have MLB extend their line of credit, which would make it possible for them to add payroll.

In recent weeks other teams have been said to have interest in Cantu, including the Giants, Rockies, and Angels.

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