Poll: Adam LaRoche’s Future

Adam LaRoche has cleared waivers and could still be traded in the next ten days, but he reportedly isn't drawing much interest. The lack of interest is a bit of a surprise, since LaRoche's numbers are in line with his career norms, and he's traditionally a very strong player after the All-Star break. For his career, his .910 second-half OPS dwarfs his .776 first-half figure.

With LaRoche seemingly unlikely to be moved, the Diamondbacks have had preliminary discussions about extending his contract. The 30-year-old signed a one-year deal with a $7.5MM mutual option ($1.5MM buyout) for 2011. The two sides may just decide to exercise the option, but if LaRoche wants longer-term security, he could sign an extension with the D'Backs or turn down the option (forfeiting the buyout) in search of a multi-year deal elsewhere.

What does Adam LaRoche's future hold?

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  1. dc21892 5 years ago

    The lack or interest throughout his whole career is a suprise.

    • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

      I know. It’s crazy. He is one of the most underrated players in Baseball. I think and hope he stays in Arizona, but I could see the Rays acquiring him.

      • erm016 5 years ago

        I don’t think they’d bring him in, maybe as a bench bat. That’s about it.

        • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

          Well nevertheless, he’s staying in AZ and probably signing an extension.

  2. qudjy1 5 years ago

    I think he might sign an extension. It makes alot of sense for him.

  3. Guest 5 years ago

    As a Braves Fan, I would have rather had him back then getting Derek Lee. The prospect-price would have been lower, and I think Lee is definitely on the downside of his career, although he has been doing noticeably better over the last 40 games or so. Laroche probably doesn’t care much for Atlanta though…
    after his strong second half last year with Atlanta, he was not contacted right away, and he said “Guess I should have hit .400 while I was there”… and as we all know, Atlanta never ended up making a serious offer to him,…

    • erm016 5 years ago

      As a Braves fan, I’m glad we got Lee over Adam. How many times can he come back to Atlanta? It’s obvious that they never want him for the whole season. I’d def take Lee though. His upside is too high.

      If anything, it’s a wash over Glaus at the plate (can’t get much worse then him) but better defense. I’ve cringed on several plays at first because of lack of range/motion on Glaus.

      I’m a big fan of Glaus for what he did, but his defense is sketchy and this is the time to play good defense.

    • VoteForPrado 5 years ago

      I really wish we would’ve just re-signed him after last season, and I don’t understand why we didn’t. He was obviously the more reliable option, and his defense was obviously going to be miles better than Glaus’. Not to mention, his offense is just about on par with what Glaus was expected to bring. I guess that ~$6MM difference in salary made a quite a difference in Wren’s choice.

  4. Guest 5 years ago

    I think he’s having a better season than usual… considering the second half is not nearly done so his numbers are only going to improve, and as of right now, his per 162 games (this season) line is: 30 HR, 109 RBI

  5. qudjy1 5 years ago

    ALR is just a good solid player. Average 120 or so OPS+, pretty good defense, and seems to be a good team guy. I think AZ should try to extend him for a couple more years, given the lack of a clear internal option. Allen is OK, but i just assume have laroche there.

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