Poll: Adam LaRoche’s Future

Adam LaRoche has cleared waivers and could still be traded in the next ten days, but he reportedly isn't drawing much interest. The lack of interest is a bit of a surprise, since LaRoche's numbers are in line with his career norms, and he's traditionally a very strong player after the All-Star break. For his career, his .910 second-half OPS dwarfs his .776 first-half figure.

With LaRoche seemingly unlikely to be moved, the Diamondbacks have had preliminary discussions about extending his contract. The 30-year-old signed a one-year deal with a $7.5MM mutual option ($1.5MM buyout) for 2011. The two sides may just decide to exercise the option, but if LaRoche wants longer-term security, he could sign an extension with the D'Backs or turn down the option (forfeiting the buyout) in search of a multi-year deal elsewhere.

What does Adam LaRoche's future hold?

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