Poll: Brad Hawpe’s Next Team

Brad Hawpe has played his last game in a Rockies uniform, but his major league career isn't over. The Giants, Rangers, Rays, Red Sox, White Sox and Phillies are some of the teams that could have interest in Hawpe. The Padres recently lost an outfielder to the disabled list, so let's not rule them out completely.

The Rockies could technically trade Hawpe, since they designated him for assignment, but Troy Renck of the Denver Post suggests they would not prevent Hawpe from signing a deal. With that in mind, it's time to make some educated guesses:

Which team will Brad Hawpe play for next?

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8 Comments on "Poll: Brad Hawpe’s Next Team"

5 years 14 days ago

Definitely a player I’d like to see as a DH for the Yankees if he could adjust to that position, considering Berkman’s injury/lack of production.

Cue responses to this comment about how the Yankees can’t have everyone/stop being so greedy/etc.

5 years 14 days ago

I haven’t seen anything, but i think Texas has to be at the top of the list. He’s from DFW & still has a lot of family in the area. They also have a need with Nelson Cruz banged up.

5 years 14 days ago

I think CWS or Texas would be good fits. I haven’t been keeping up with the White Sox record, but if they are still within striking distance, he’d help their DH situation. Same with Texas now that Cruz is banged up, though they’ve been acquiring guys left and right, they may be done for now.

I also think Tampa Bay and Boston could be good fits. Extra bonus for the Red Sox that he can play first base. I’ve seen him a few games there and he wasn’t too bad, much better than his outfield defense.

5 years 14 days ago

I’m convinced if he played on a team with some sluggers, and got better pitches to hit he could really do well again. I think he’d terrorize right handers in Fenway.

5 years 14 days ago

Would rather let Lowell play as many games a week as he can and call up Andersn, maybe even Rhizzo and let them play 1B on occasion to give Lowell a day off. Forget about Delgado. No more powerless 1B. Boston is nearly out of the race, may as well let somebody play that is young and has potential rather than a powerless discard.

5 years 14 days ago

I think that Brad will be picked up by the Rangers. He is from Texas and Clint Hurdle is the hitting coach there. I really hope that Brad does not go to the Giants or Padres. Players that leave the Rockies tend to have success playing against the Rockies.

5 years 14 days ago

I’m pretty certain that the Rays probably won’t be in on Hawpe that much. I think they are gonna stay away from career or close to career NL players after what happened with Burrell.

5 years 11 days ago