Odds & Ends: Hill, Sampson, Butler, Lewis

On this day in 1977, Sadaharu Oh hit his 756th career home run, passing Hank Aaron for the (known) all-time professional record.  It's just the 'known' record since we don't know for sure how many homers Josh Gibson hit in the Negro Leagues.  Oh finished his Japanese career with a whopping 868 long balls. 

Some news items…

  • Andrew Stoeten of the Drunk Jays Fans blog and The Toronto Sun's Bob Elliott both recently outlined the Blue Jays' upcoming decision about Aaron Hill's 2012-14 club option years.  If the Jays decline to exercise all three options at once by next Opening Day, Hill can no longer be retained by the team on his $10MM club option for 2014.  It's very likely that Toronto will pass on the three-years-at-once option and then look at Hill's $8MM options for 2012 and 2013 after next season.  In short, Hill's lackluster play this year has cost him $10MM thus far.
  • Chris Sampson has accepted his minor league assignment from the Astros and will report to Triple-A Round Rock, tweets Alyson Footer of MLB.com.  Sampson could've opted for free agency, but will instead finish the season in Houston's system and pursue free agency in the offseason.
  • If Eric Hosmer continues to develop, ESPN.com's Jason A. Churchill suggests that Kansas City might trade Billy Butler to avoid paying him a significant contract.  Butler is a first-time arbitration candidate this offseason and could make 10 times his current $470K salary in 2011.
  • Cleveland manager Manny Acta says that Jensen Lewis' future with the Tribe may depend on how he looks in relief outings this September, writes Paul Hoynes of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.  Lewis will reach arbitration for the first time this winter and is out of options, so he's a possible non-tender candidate.
  • In a reader chat, Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News gave his opinion on such Rangers hot stove topics as Cliff Lee's future with the club and whom the Rangers might target in free agency this winter.
  • Brandon Boggs has cleared waivers and been assigned to Texas' Triple-A affiliate, reports MLB.com's Alden Gonzalez.  Boggs was designated for assignment on Tuesday.
  • Eric Chavez "is not ready to announce [his] retirement," tweets MLB.com's Jane Lee, but would consider a post-playing career of coaching or broadcasting (also from Twitter).
  • Blogger El Lefty Malo looks at how the Giants have gotten better at acquiring "band-aid" veterans.
  • Diamondbacks president Derrick Hall tells FOXSportsArizona.com's Jack Magruder that money will not be a factor in hiring the team's new general manager, but admits "I'd be lying if I said it wasn't an issue."
  • Alex Rodriguez's recent split with agent Scott Boras may have been influenced by advisers from the entertainment business and Rodriguez's "infatuation with Hollywood stardom," reports ESPNNewYork.com's Wallace Matthews.  Somewhere, Ari Gold is yelling at Lloyd to place a call on his behalf…

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  1. Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

    I’m such a huge Hosmer fan as am I a huge fan of their whole Minor League System. Hosmer had an incredible season in Wilmington and NW Arkansas and is definetly one of the top 5 best non-pitching prospects in the minors. Really have high hopes for the trifecta (Hosmer, Myers, and Moose) as do I have high hopes for many others in their sytem. Love the Royals. But I don’t think the Royals should trade Butler until at least 2012 and plus, he is more of a DH Butler is than a 1B in the future.

  2. BK 5 years ago

    The Angels would be a great spot for Butler in 2011

    • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

      What about Kendry Morales at 1B? Bobby Abreu at DH?

    • 5_tool_MiLB_fool 5 years ago

      the angels wont, they have kendry morales. i bet the rockies will give everything for him

  3. KCRoyals 5 years ago

    I honestly can’t see them trading Butler. They’ve sold the fans on building with young players from their system…home grown talent. Trading Butler now is going against everything they’ve said. They just can’t do it.

    My guess…WHEN Hosmer is ready (and I figure that will be late next year or the start of 2012), either he or Butler becomes the DH…the other plays 1B. Would be nice if they could get those two and Kia Ka’aihue all in the lineup together…they’d REALLY have the core of a good lineup. Not sure any of the 3 could play OF though…

    • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

      I don’t think Kila is in those plans, but most likelyif they keep Butler (which they should) he’d be the DH…Hosmer is a great all around 1B and can play well on both sides of the ball. But I agree with you…They can’t trade Billy Butler. What they should do is lock him up now.

  4. East Coast Bias 5 years ago

    Loving the Entourage reference! Hahaaha

  5. dire straits 5 years ago

    Billy Butler would look great in Dodger blue.

  6. Sniderlover 5 years ago

    Ughh just a year ago Jays fans were talking about Lind and Hill being cornerstones of the franchise and then they put up horrible seasons.

    But it’s still possible all 3 of Hills options are picked up simply because his career numbers dictate he has been a much better player average/OBP wise. Surprisingly, his power numbers are still pretty good for a 2nd baseman and considering how poorly he’s hit this season, that’s a bright spot. A lot of people were saying that there is no way Hill can have another season like last (power wise) but it’s still there. He’s missed some time due to a wrist injury (which could be what’s causing his poor play this season) yet he still has 21 homers. He’s been hurt by luck big time and what simply used to be linedrives last year have turned into flyouts and I fully expect to rebound next season. He’s been good defensively throughout the year (although recently he hasn’t been as sharp) but still above average throughout the year so it shows at least he is strong enough mentally to not let it affect his defensive game and it hasn’t affected his behavior or his attitude.

    That being said, AA will probably not pick up his options and may just wait to see him have a rebound season and if I know Aaron Hill, he will really look to rebound next year and try to earn his money. He was pretty pissed he couldn’t earn his money when he was injured in 08 but he clearly made up for it in 09.

  7. carligula 5 years ago

    Eric Chavez “is not ready to announce [his] retirement”…

    Neither am I. I’m only 37, and I’ve had fewer back surgeries…

  8. Scooter8080 5 years ago

    Billy Butler is not getting traded anytime soon. If Kila proves he can hit MLB pitching then they’ll have some decisions to make. Hosmer has plenty of athletic ability to move to RF if needed to make room for all three. It’s at least a year away from even having to think about making those decisions. Plenty can happen in that time, but Butler is one of the best young hitters in the game. He’s not going anywhere unless someone is willing to VASTLY overpay.

  9. windycitywarrior 5 years ago

    KC would be retarded to trade Butler. I think they have a good core with what they have and whats gonna be coming. Moustakas, Colon, Getz, Hosmer, Gordon, Butler and all of the young pitching they have. If they would start winning games some year they could build up a good enough fan base to be able to pay for these guys to stay long term. I think they should take out a second mortgage to sign Greinke long term after his contract is up. And don’t chinz out on him either. Sign him to a 6 year deal out of gratitude for toughing it out in the lean years– decades. You cannot let these guys go or you will be band aiding your team with over the hill veterans like you’ve been doing.

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