Boras Well-Positioned For Offseason

Back in February, the Scott Boras Corporation was in the midst of a rough patch.  They'd brokered some big deals, sure, but arguably failed clients Johnny Damon, Jarrod Washburn, and Felipe Lopez.  Lopez went so far as to fire Boras that month.  Since then, things have been looking up for the company.  Consider:

  • Kendry Morales switched to Boras in February.  Morales made the switch with one season to go before arbitration, though his campaign was cut short by a May leg fracture.  Still, it's a big addition.
  • Boras added another young star that month in Shin-Soo Choo.  Choo had another strong year and is heading to arbitration for the first time.
  • Tommy Hanson joined the fold in July; he could be arbitration-eligible after the 2011 season depending on what happens with the Super Two concept.  Top prospect Desmond Jennings also hired Boras.
  • Alex Rodriguez jumped ship in September, though he's signed through 2017.
  • Boras recently signed two clients coming off massive walk years: Jayson Werth and Rafael Soriano.  Suddenly Boras has the second-best position player and best reliever this winter.  He also has Adrian Beltre positioned for another big contract at the perfect time.  Carlos Gonzalez broke out; he'll be arbitration-eligible after 2012.
  • It's not all roses for Boras, though.  He doesn't represent any top pitchers from the upcoming free agent class.  And clients Prince Fielder, Jacoby Ellsbury, Stephen Strasburg, Carlos Pena, Manny Ramirez, Carlos Beltran, Jair Jurrjens all faced adversity this year.  Click here for our full list of Boras clients.

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