Anthopoulos Talks Encarnacion, Buck

Alex Anthopoulos spoke to Jeff Blair of The Fan 590 before his plane took off for Orlando yesterday, and the Blue Jays GM said he was trying to get a signing done right before the radio show call.  Some have speculated on Manny Ramirez, who's been hanging out in Toronto lately, while others point out that at the very least the Jays would wait a week until after the White Sox have declined to offer him arbitration.  At this point we know Manny likes the Blue Jays but not whether interest is mutual.  It does appear Manny needs the Jays more than they need him.  If a Blue Jays signing of any kind is to happen before the 23rd, it'd have to be a free agent not ranked as a Type A.

Anthopoulos went on to say that his talks with agents over the last week suggest the free agent market might move faster than in years past, as people "try to jump out early and get things done."

On the topic of Edwin Encarnacion, Anthopoulos explained that the third baseman is in line for an arbitration raise of $1-2MM on top of this year's $4.75MM salary.  That salary, plus Encarnacion's desire to play every day, wasn't a fit for the Jays.  Encarnacion was claimed by the Athletics, but he could still be non-tendered on December 2nd.  Anthopoulos has not closed the door in the event that happens.

Anthopoulos described the market for John Buck as "very, very strong" after talking to his agents at ACES.  He says Buck is "sitting on years and dollars that might be a little steep for us," but that the catcher's agents will give the Jays a chance to match before he signs.  We saw extra contract years tossed around for multiple free agent catchers last year; could a 30-year-old Buck find a three-year deal?

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  1. Projected 2011 Lineup for the Jays?

    C- Olivo(8)
    1b- Lind(5)
    2b- Hill(7)
    SS- Escobar(2)
    3b- Bautista(4)
    LF- Lewis(1)
    CF- Wells(6)
    RF- Snider(9)
    DH- Manny(3)


    IF J.Mcdonald
    1b/3b Wallace
    C Arencibia
    OF D.Wise

    • dizzle4 5 years ago

      They traded Wallace like four months ago.

      DeWayne Wise was cut last week.

      And I can’t imagine that Fred Lewis is in the starting lineup next year.

    • moonraker45 5 years ago

      oh, did we re acquire Wallace from Houston?

    • Should you not be at least a little informed before throwing this out there?

      Is Arencibia not slated to be the starter with Jose Molina backing him up? Wasnt the intention of getting Olivo to get the pick for him? Wise, as stated was cut… Wallace was traded for Anthony Gose… Are they not looking into getting Uggla (Which probably takes Arencibia + to get)? and moving Hill to 3rd? So many question marks and to throw an uninformed lineup like that out is kinda funny…

    • Where’s Roy Halladay?

    • moonraker45 5 years ago

      I think maybe Alex Rios should start in RF

      • Can Carlos Delgado play first then? and maybe Tony Fernandez can be the utility IF we need… Shawn Green as a 4th outfield anyone? lol…

        • adameb 5 years ago

          Sirotka will be the opening night starter, no?

          • counciltucky 5 years ago

            No he’s slated to be #2 — Marty Janzen’s the Opening Night starter.

      • Infield Fly 5 years ago

        All this talk and no love for Robbie Alomar? What’s the fan base coming to?! ;-p

    • BG921 5 years ago

      You forgot Jesse Barfield, Raul Mondesi, and Shawn Green!

    • Hits & Gigs 5 years ago

      There are so many things wrong with this but the fact that you put Snider in the 9 hole……GTFO CITO

    • adameb 5 years ago

      The rotation should be sweet too:

  2. The_Porcupine 5 years ago

    I might be one of the few, but I really would hate to see Manny as a Jay. I think his injury risk/prima donna risk outweigh the potential gain in offense. I’m just not sold on his offensive skills holding up. You can note the fancy sabermetrics that indicate his value, but I just have a gut feeling that he’s being overvalued. I would rather have Magglio Ordonez with the same injury risk, less prima donna risk.

    • The price is probably right though… He wont be signing for 20M + a season but if the Jays can get him at a 6-7 million for 1 year + incentives… why not try it? He wont need to play defense, cutting down the injury risk… and he wants to play for Farrell… which means that prima donna BS might be cut down…

      • The_Porcupine 5 years ago

        I agree about the limited financial risk, I just don’t think he will provide the offense that is expected.

      • jayfantilldeath 5 years ago

        I think your base salary is still way to high – 1-2 mill tops plus incentives. I would love a 500K min plus 2-3 mill in incentives only. I still can’t see AA doing this, unless he was the one who talked JP into signing Frank Thomas a few years back. Even if Manny was a type A next year would the Jays really offer arbitration and risk having him for two years as no one would sign him if they had to give up a pick

      • jeffdg 5 years ago

        “and he wants to play for Farrell… ”
        “he wants to play for money”.

  3. Fullmer_Fan 5 years ago

    There is no risk in signing Manny Ramirez to a one year, incentive-laden contract.

  4. BG921 5 years ago

    Alex Anthopoulos has done some nice things in his short tenure with the Blue Jays. If the Jays do decide to sign Manny on a one year deal it could definitely work out. My belief behind this is that Manny has to prove his health and he will be motivated by the fact that he could potentially earn a bigger contract next off-season. Toronto has a strong Latin base that would really embrace Manny, hopefully if they do sign him he would return the favor and do some nice things for the Jays. (Plus playing in Rogers Centre would only help his numbers)…

  5. SneakyLongBalls 5 years ago

    It would be entertaining to see Manny in a Jays uniform hitting a couple homers in Fenway. One could only imagine the fans reactions

  6. moonraker45 5 years ago

    My 2011 Jays Lineup… Let the bashing and criticizing begin!

    Batting order.

    Chone Figgins (2B) —Acquired for Brad Emaus, Rzepcyzski and David Cooper
    Yunel Escobar (SS)
    Adam Lind (1B)
    Jose Bautista (RF)
    Travis Snider (LF)
    Vernon Wells (CF)
    Vladdy/Manny (DH)… I personally rather have vladdy, but any DH on a 1year deal will do
    JP Arenciba (C)
    Aaron Hill (3B)


    David Purcey
    Jason Frasor (accepts arbitration)
    Josh Roenicke (expect better things for him in 2011)
    Sean Hill
    Casey Jansen
    Brian Fuentes Setup/Closer
    Jon Rauch Setup/Closer

    Starting Rotation



    Johnny Mac
    Eric Thames
    (back up 1b spot)

    • adameb 5 years ago

      If there were 2 wildcard slots, that team would make a good shot at one of them.

    • briantalletsmoustache 5 years ago

      Super-minor point, but why leave Figgins at 2B (and, I don’t think that package would get him, though it’s not an absurd or insulting offer) and move Hill to 3B, when Figgins up until this year played 3B (and incidentally, had his production drop off when he changed positions).

      I also don’t like Vlad on artificial turf, even if he is just running the bases. Still, I’d be happy to watch that team play.

      • moonraker45 5 years ago

        good point about 2b/3b.. i put hill at 3B only because it looks as if eventually once hech comes up, that if Hill is to be on the jays he is going to have to move over, esco to 2b. but you could leave them as is definitely.

        and i think that package would land figgins because his contract is for 9.5 for the next 3 years, mariners would love to get out of it, so they will have to take a lesser package, if they agree to kick in some cash then they can get someone better.

    • Hits & Gigs 5 years ago

      that would be fun to watch, gotta say

    • The_Porcupine 5 years ago

      I’ve always liked the idea of picking up Figgins to leadoff. I like him at third though, where he was a borderline gold glover for the Angels. I definitely don’t like Manny, but I’d take Vlad. But I think Ordonez would be better, though I’m not sure about the financial differences between the two. I like the idea of co-closers, but why not bring in another one to mix and match with (maybe Putz)? Regardless, I do think you’d need another arm in the pen so you don’t expect too much out of Hill, Purcey, and Roenecke.

      It would be a very competitive ball club on a daily basis. Not sure it would be post season worthy, but they would be in position to take advantage if either the Yanks or Red Sox slip.

      • moonraker45 5 years ago

        I think Purcey and Roenicke are ready for more important roles on the team. both aren’t getting any younger and the next year could be make or breaks for them both..

        Hill is just a throw in, he’s a good pitcher, but essentially there is no room for guys like Hill, Litsch, Mills, Richmond, Hill might be the best of the bunch so perhaps they keep him and make him the long man.

      • jeffdg 5 years ago

        Didn’t Figgins make it through waivers? He has MUCHO $’s left on his contract.

        • moonraker45 5 years ago

          Jays can absorb the salary, its only for 3 more years, and lead off batters are hard to come by. I mean last year the Jays started with friggin Jose Bautista batting lead off, then fred lewis and then travis snider?

          To me the lead off position is the most important thing to be resolved this off season.

          • The_Porcupine 5 years ago

            I agree that the Jays need a lead off hitter. Too many teams undervalue getting a legit lead off hitter that can get on base and score runs.

            However I think setting up the bullpen is just as important.

          • moonraker45 5 years ago

            Realistically the bullpen will figure itself out, I think it would be nice to make a free agent signing or two to solidify it. but i would be perfectly fine going in to next year just using home grown arms in the pen..

            I mean, Richmond, Hill, Litsch, Rzep, Carlson, Lewis, Magnuson, Farquhar… the jays have plenty of arms and plenty of options, I think even bringing up Stewart to close is an option as well.

          • jeffdg 5 years ago

            I agree and i think he could be a real asset. If he plays at the level he did in his free agent year. And i think SEA might move him for next to nothing…as he clearly didnt fit last year.

          • jeffdg 5 years ago

            And not many teams would take his salary.

    • Tko11 5 years ago

      I actually really like the look of that team.

  7. baseballz 5 years ago

    So the 23rd is the deadline to offer arbitration right ? AA has to wait until then, doesn’t he ? PLZ WAIT AA

    • moonraker45 5 years ago

      No chance in the world he would sign a type A before then and give up a pick. it goes against everything he’s done so far.

  8. gs01 5 years ago

    I think Manny would do very good in the Jays lineup with all of the protection he would have like Bautista, Wells, Lind, Hill and Snider. In LA he didn’t have that kind of a lineup around him.

  9. jeffdg 5 years ago

    AA also noted, that he was talking to Buck’s agent about other free agents.

  10. j96 5 years ago

    Thats a good call on figgins he had an off year last year but will bounch back but have him a heres my playoff atarting line up

    chone figgins(3B) for Brad Emaus, Rzepcyzsk, Brad Mills
    Yunel Escobar(SS)
    Jose Bautista(RF)
    Manny Ramirez(DH)-1year 3 mill plus 1mill 100+RBI and 1mill with 600 AB
    Victor Martinez(C/1B)- 4Year 53 mill
    Vernon Wells(CF)
    Adam Lind(1B/DH)
    Travis Snider(LF)
    Aaron Hill(2B)

    Garland-2 year 14 mill

    CL:Kevin Gregg-2 year 7.5 mill

    Play off team
    just need relievers(dont have time right now to figure that out)

    • rzepczynski 5 years ago

      v mart= no thanks
      garland= no thanks
      gregg had a 2 year 7.75 option that was declined
      let molina and aaron cibia handle the catching duties

      • j96 5 years ago

        greggs a pretty good pitcher and they still can re-sign him and why not v mart hes a 300 hitter and could play first base jpa is not ready he had one game he played good thats about it and galand not to much money and 14 wins last year and a 3.47 ERA

    • 2UGGLA2BINTO 5 years ago

      Gregg???…Iwould rather have Putz,Benoit,Camp,Purcey…..or Hentgen.

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