Reds Finalize Option Decisions As Expected

The Reds picked up Jonny Gomes' 2011 option and declined the options for Orlando Cabrera and Aaron Harang, according to's Mark Sheldon. Gomes' option is for $1.75MM, Cabrera's buyout is for $1MM (instead of a $4MM salary) and Harang's buyout is for $2MM ($12.75MM salary). As expected, the Reds exercised their 2011 for Bronson Arroyo earlier today.

Harang is an unranked free agent, but Cabrera is a Type B, so the Reds could technically obtain a draft pick if he turns down arbitration to sign elsewhere. It seems unlikely that the Reds would offer arbitration, since they turned down Cabrera's option.

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  1. Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

    Aaron to the O’s. I’m calling it!

  2. Braun4Pres 5 years ago

    Hello Aaron Harang, welcome to Milwaukee…….

    • Honestly I completely agree with you on this. I could see him going here. The Brewers need starting pitching very bad and if Harrang is recovered from his injuries could provide a nice addition to their staff.

  3. I bet Harang ends up in San Diego. HUGE park and it is his hometown where he lives in the offseason. 1 yr maybe 1-2 mil with incentives to get it done.

    • Hermie13 5 years ago

      SD does make a lot of sense, especially if they lose Garland.

    • I also could see this too. With him giving up around a home run a game lately would be a good fit for him or any other huge ballpark.

  4. moonraker45 5 years ago

    Aaron, I’m sorry but we’re declining your option.. take this 2 million dollar cheque instead..

    • I wish my employer would pay me $2 mil to not come back next year after two and a half poor performance years. The life of pro athletes is so far from what the average joe experiences it’s not even funny.

  5. Good riddance to Harang. He was good for awhile, but just couldn’t hold it together.

  6. I think Harang still has a lot left in him, a one year rebuilding move to SD could really benefit him, 3M base plus incentives???

  7. Janish_is_Lemke_in_disguise 5 years ago

    Harang is a class act, but it was getting painful watching him out on the hill the past couple of years. He was solid for two years, but after that extra inning game in SD last year the wheels came off.

  8. BigRedOne 5 years ago

    SD fans that think SD will magically restore Harang to his past are delusional. There is no rational evidence to support your claim. Yes, he may be a Padre, or a Dodger, Mariner or Angel for that matter, but his will turn in about 100 innings go 6-12 and have an ERA over 5.00+. No matter how big a park he pitches in.

    • Well thank you Mr. negativity. We appreciate the fact that you give this guy zero chance of continuing to be a major league starter. There are a lot worse pitchers out there that I can think of that are number 4 or 5 guys in rotations currently than Harrang. He will land someplace and he will probably give them a decent performance. Didn’t say good or great but decent. I could see a 10 – 10 record with an ERA around 4.50 or maybe a little less if he is in a bigger ballpark.

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