Royals Rumors: Pena, Treanor, May, Adcock

The latest on the Royals, who acquired Matt Treanor today…

  • It seems that the Royals will team Brayan Pena and Treanor behind the plate, according to Bob Dutton of the Kansas City Star (on Twitter). This means Lucas May might not break camp with the Royals.
  • May is out of options and GM Dayton Moore says the Royals are "probably looking to do something" with him. A trade is the preferred route, according to Dutton (on Twitter).
  • Moore confirmed to Dutton that Rule 5 selection Nate Adcock will make the team (Twitter link).
  • Rany Jazayerli analyzes each pitcher on the Royals' projected Opening Day staff.

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5 Comments on "Royals Rumors: Pena, Treanor, May, Adcock"

4 years 4 months ago

It’ll be Pena and Treanor till Jason “Rewind Yourself” Kendall grits and grinds himself back in a month, showing that veteran leadership by returning two months early so he can underthrow the ball back to the pitcher and hit a single once every three weeks.

4 years 4 months ago

How is Lucas May out of options? He made his debut last year with the Royals and the only time I remember him being sent down was right when the Dodgers sent him to KC. He was on the Dodgers 40 man all last year before being dealt, does that have anything to do with it?

4 years 4 months ago

I bet the Padres will be interested in May.

4 years 4 months ago

Treanor is going to have a HUGE year. Why? Because this will be the first time he is more important than someone named May!

4 years 4 months ago

Well he married the last one, don’t know how he’ll top that.

Also funny is the catcher the Rangers traded KC a bit back, Pina. Perhaps some day they’ll have a battery of Pena and Pina! one can only hope.