2012 Contract Issues: San Diego Padres

The Padres are next in our 2012 Contract Issues series.

Eligible For Free Agency (3)

  • Heath Bell may not finish the season with the Padres, though he hopes for a three-year extension.  If he reaches the open market he'll be joined by several other solid stoppers.
  • The Padres chose to tender a contract to Ryan Ludwick, paying him more than he'd have earned on the open market.  So far, he hasn't done anything in his Padres career.
  • Jorge Cantu took an 86% pay cut this year as he attempts to re-establish himself.

Contract Options (3)

  • Aaron Harang: $5MM mutual option with a $500K buyout.  The mutual option is basically a way to transfer some money to the next fiscal year.  Rarely do both sides pick one up.
  • Brad Hawpe: $6MM mutual option with a $1MM buyout.
  • Chad Qualls: $6MM club option with a $1.05MM buyout.  Though this is a club option, the goal here again appears to be pushing off some money to next year.  Qualls would need a really strong season for the Padres to pick this up.

Arbitration Eligible (14)

Though not all 14 will get to the point of being tendered a contract, the Padres have many raises due.  As a whole, I think the Padres' arbitration eligible players could be paid as much as $25MM in 2012.

2012 Payroll Obligation

The Padres have a 2012 payroll obligation of just $13.55MM, according to Cot's, most of which is for their middle infield.  Add in their arbitration eligible players and payroll could approach $40MM before the minimum salary players are accounted for, which is normal for this club since '09.

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7 Comments on "2012 Contract Issues: San Diego Padres"

4 years 4 months ago

As a fantasy baseball player in a league that credits holds, it sure will be a shame when Luke Gregerson and Mike Adams out-price what the Padres can pay.

4 years 4 months ago

Part of the problem with Ryan Ludwick struggles, I don’t see many internal options that would be a head and shoulders upgrade. Or, a team that would actually take on his salary while he is struggling despite his decent track record.

I like Aaron Cunningham, but would like to see him get more Ab’s in AAA in hopes he and Ryan turn their careers around.

Jaff Decker is killing in in AA. I would love to see him get a realistic shot at some point. Huge fan! I realize he is young, but he is the only OF player (internally) I can see having a substantial impact on the MLB level soon, besides possibly Cunningham.

4 years 4 months ago

I think one solution as the season goes on is a new 1b arrives from the minors, Blanks or Rizzo, with Hawpe and Ludwick splitting time in LF. Fairly expensive platoon, but their play could force the issue.

The OF is a little up in the air right now, but next season with Blanks presumabely able to play the field and with Decker ready, those guys along with Maybin & Venable will give the team some nice bats, at a wonderful cost. Very cheap outfield. With the potential to be quite good.

One big question is does Darnell displace Headley come next year? Headley will cost a good 4m more, and if he has a similar offensive output as last year I think there is a good chance of that happening. With Forsythe a capable option and Gyorko at AA or AAA, me thinks Chase needs a big year to be around again next year. Darnell is off to a hot start and expect that to continue with a promotion to Tucsan, hopefully along with Decker.

4 years 4 months ago

Darnells future is in RF not third base

Chase’s defense is so good that any offense you get from him is gravy, he is an average hitting third baseman and a great fielding one. you do the math. Forsythe I don’t see as more than a bench player, 270 hitter without speed and not much power

4 years 4 months ago

Cunningham is a 4rth OF, the Padres need to stop kidding themselves and play him what he is and DFA Denorfia. Jaff is going to rake and be our LF for the future, but right now pretty much anyone is an upgrade over Ludwick even a journeyman. There is something wrong with Ludwick and it is more complicated than he forgot how to hit

4 years 4 months ago

I always wonder, is anyone aware of a situation where a mutual option has ever been picked up by both sides?

Mario Saavedra
4 years 3 months ago

Did the padres really payed Chad Qualls 7.05 MM??