Heyman On K-Rod, Sabathia, Fielder, Beltran

The latest from SI's Jon Heyman

  • Francisco Rodriguez's agent Scott Boras spoke with Brewers GM Doug Melvin shortly after last night's trade, at which point Heyman says "Boras made the case that K-Rod should close, suggesting he wouldn't do nearly as well setting up."  Melvin was apparently noncommital in that conversation, as he has been publicly.  K-Rod would become the highest-paid reliever in baseball history if his option vests, though Boras wouldn't get commission on a contract brokered by Wasserman Media Group in 2008.  Heyman suggests an unhappy Rodriguez is a scary concept, but based on the player's tweets (in Spanish), he's content.
  • Yankees ace C.C. Sabathia "has done some selling on the Yankees" to his friend Prince Fielder.  Heyman doesn't take this as a sign the Yankees are interested in Fielder as a very expensive designated hitter, but rather an indication that Sabathia expects to stick around with the club after this season.
  • Cardinals right fielder Lance Berkman told Yahoo's Jeff Passan he expects Fielder to top Albert Pujols in total dollars due to the age difference, but Albert should get the higher average annual value.
  • Heyman sees the Tigers as a potential suitor for Mets right fielder Carlos Beltran.  He believes the Tigers could add a bat at second base, third base, or outfield.

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