Arbitration Eligibles: Tampa Bay Rays

We've covered the Orioles, Red Sox, and Yankees; now it's time to look at Rays players who will be arbitration eligible after the season.

Sonnanstine and Howell are potential non-tender candidates, as both have had rough years.  Sonnanstine is currently at Triple-A.

Price and Upton will be a relatively expensive pair.  Price, an expected Super Two player, comes with a projected $5.9MM salary that would be a first-time starter record if we didn't expect Clayton Kershaw to do even better.  Price's days as cheap ace are ending.  Upton, a trade candidate, projects in the $7MM range.

Niemann and Peralta are worth retaining as well.  Niemann is looking at a first-time salary in the $2.7MM range, while Peralta could come in at a still-affordable $1.8MM.

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